Top Brass of Sri Balaji Society

Top Brass of Sri Balaji Society

Warren Bennis, the pioneer of leadership studies, rightly said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” for, without the right leadership, vision is but a distant dream. At Sri Balaji Society, it is our Top Brass that translates Prof Bala’s Vision, of grooming future managers, into reality. Each member of the top brass brings to the table a unique skill set that complements the rest, and together these leaders, year after year, help realize the dream of honing corporate managers ready to take on the challenges of a corporate life with ease.

Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian

President – Sri Balaji Society, Pune Chairman – Campus Placements
Executive Director BIMM & Dean BITM, BIIB, & BIMHRD

Dr. Biju G Pillai

Director (IT)

Dr. Dimple Saini

Director (Corporate & Relations)

Prof. B. Parandhaman

Principal Director

Prof. B. Paramanandhan

Director (Finance)

Prof. V. T. Vignesh

Director (Academics)

Dr. G.Gopalakrishnan

Director BIMHRD

Dr. Sanjit Kumar Dash

Director BITM

Dr. Archana Srivastava

Director BIMM