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New India Junction Debate @ Sri Balaji Society

The debaters engaged in an intense discussion, for both supporting and opposing the points raised in the debate.
Sri Balaji Society organized a ‘debate competition’ in its premises on the 22nd of October 2018. The debate was arranged with the cooperation of the New India Junction, a prominent media and news portal of India. Six students from the society participated in the event, namely: Devyani Mukherjee, Aashna Narang, Madhura Kirad, Sonal Baweja, Rahul Yadav and Siddharth Singh. The debate was moderated by Priyanka Deo, of the New India Junction and was on the issue of the various health schemes announced by the Central Government such as, Ayushmaan and Indradhanush.
The participants presented their arguments in a professional manner and supported their arguments and statements with verifiable facts and evidences. The debate raged on for an hour and half, during which the audience was entertained with facts, interesting quotes, thoughtful statements and snippets of information about factors related to health, its maintenance and reforms which could be added to the delivery of health and health related services in the country in a more better way.
Two students from the both sides of the debate, Siddhartha Singh who spoke in favor of the issue being debated and Sonal Baweja who presented the opposing side in the debate were declared as the best student debaters in the event.

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