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Sri Balaji Society celebrated the festival of the Mother Goddess, Durga ji, ‘Navaraatri’ with pomp and splendor in its premises. The festival commemorates the ten day fight between the demon, Mahishasura and the Mother Goddess. A magnificent idol of the Mother Goddess was consecrated in the Society premises and for the next ten days, it was the focus of attention from all the students, faculty members, directors and other society personnel with prayers being made to the Mother Goddess for peace, prosperity and contentment for their friends, colleagues and family members.
The festival of Navaraatri is associated with the ‘Garba dance’ and the ‘Dandiya Raas dance’, wherein the revelers dance the night away to the tunes of music, both contemporary and new dressed in traditional costumes. This dance is looked forward to by all the students of the society as it gives them an opportunity sing, dance and celebrate the seven colors and the nine flavors of life.

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