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Words are not enough to describe the role played by women in the world

Sri Balaji Society celebrated International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. This day was first celebrated in New York on the 28th of February, 1909 and has been recognized in many countries in the world. The day celebrates the social, economic, political, cultural and national and international level achievements of women, all around the world for truly it is said that the woman is the ‘foundation’ and the ‘steel frame’ that holds together the family and the nation on the path of progress and prosperity in the world.

The importance of women was described by the noted speaker and the 2016 Presidential Candidate, Ms. Hillary Clinton who spoke the following words in the Women in the World Summit 2012 namely “Nations that invest in women’s employment, health, and education are just more likely to have better outcomes”. The meaning of this line is clear. The nations who make it their strategic responsibility to invest in the developmental empowerment of their female citizens will be in a better position than other nations in the world as the far reaching effects of such efforts will pave the way for complete and sustainable growth and development for the family, the citizens and the country.

Since its inception, Sri Balaji Society has recognized the latent power of women, namely the power to create, to transform, to motivate and to inspire and has seen to it that maximum efforts, are made to enable its female students to be more effective and efficient management professionals, enabling them to perform well and give their best in the respective companies they will be working in the future. An example of such an initiative by Sri Balaji Society: 50% seat reservation for women students in its campus since the last fifteen years.

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