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The hazards of plastic: An image of a dead whale found with plastic waste in its stomach.

Plastic bags, plastic items and other materials are ubiquitous today. It is difficult to imagine a life without them. The material that we call as ‘plastic’ was invented in the year 1909 by the British scientist, Alexander Parkes. Since the day of its invention, many trillion items of plastic in diverse sizes, nature, shapes, types and form have been made.

True to its name, plastic is extremely useful. But it has a hazardous side as its durability is its curse as it does not decompose quickly, compared to organic waste and a plastic item kept in one place will remain as it is, even after a period of 10,000 years. Animals, particularly sea creatures such as turtles, sharks and whales, eat plastic mistaking it for jellyfish and die after months of agony. It was reported that plastic waste has even found its way at the base of the Marianas Trench, the deepest point in the world.

Sri Balaji Society, since its inception has made efforts for the proper and judicious utilization of resources. The Society sees to it that its students make efficient use of every available resource allocated to them so that nothing is wasted. Recognizing the hazards of improper usage and disposal of plastic, the Society has banned the presence of single use plastic items – shopping bags, covers, disposables, etc. in its premises as these are the ones that are found in majority in waste dumps and heaps and has encouraged its members to make full use of alternatives – cloth bags, gunny sacks and bags, metal items, wooden boxes etc. It is true that a ‘complete ban’ on plastic is neither practical nor possible and thus the Society has taught its students and members to make full usage of alternatives and only make use of plastic items when they are absolutely needed and see to it that they are stored and disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way so that both needs can be met, ensuring that the environment is not affected.

Sri Balaji Society strives itself to maintain a clean and environmentally friendly campus.

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