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A burst of color signifying the blend of happiness, joy, fun and merriment that is Holi.

It is said that life is an empty canvas, to be filled in with the colors of one’s experiences, behavior, attitudes and perception towards the world. The difference between the canvases and the degree, type and the nature of the colors used is the difference between living and ‘just existing’ or surviving in the world.

The month of March is one of the most awaited months in India as it is the month, wherein ‘Rang Panchami’ is celebrated with colors, bhang, pomp and glory. The festival of colors, Holi or Rang Panchami’ is the festival of life in all the colors of its glory. Organized by BIMM, the celebrations began in the evening on the 20th March with the lighting of the ceremonial bonfire, recalling the popular story of the death of the demoness Holika who was killed while trying to kill Prahlada, commemorating the death of evil and the survival of the good. A large bonfire was lighted inside the Sri Balaji Society Hostel building quadrangle and was consecrated with pujas and prayers for bringing in the seven colors of happiness and joy for all the members of the Society.

The Society woke up with a bang next morning and the air was full of sounds of laughter, hoots and cheers along with many plated heaps of color powders of all shades and hues. The event was celebrated in the SBS lawn, where students had a gala time, spreading the joy of life by hurling fistful of color powders on each other and pretending to run and escape, seeing the rainbow clouds being raised by their friends on the ground. Classic and modern Holi songs were played at the venue, complementing the many hues and shades hanging in the air, whose lyrics humorously sought an apology from the ones who were colored in the spirit of Holi. Being true to the three ‘Ds’ of the Society, rules and regulations were followed and decorum was maintained, preventing the possibility of one person’s fun becoming ‘misery’ for the other. A myriad number of sweets and other Holi special drinks were served at the venue of the festival.

A group of students enjoying the colors of life, that is Holi.

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