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The true value of water can be felt in its absence. Judicious management is the key to prosperity.

Summer is the season of the year, when the importance of water is truly felt. Water, is the fluid of life and the juice of existence. It is vital to the body for truly it is said that one cannot survive a week without drinking water.

The importance of conservation of water is stressed into everyone in Sri Balaji Society. The Society has planted a large number of trees in its surroundings and has constructed a series of pipes, channels and drain to collect rain water during the monsoon which otherwise would have flown away. It has also informed its members on the utilization of water, judiciously so that one uses exactly the amount of water, one needs, ensuring that nothing is wasted.

The water so collected is stored in a deep lake inside the Society, which remains ever full throughout the year. This water is used for various purposes in the society after it has been treated, processed and cleaned in order to make it suitable for human consumption. Further, a school of catfish live in the lake and they see to it that no harmful insects do not pollute the water.

The lake and the green surroundings in the Society act like an oases in a sea of concrete and attract a number of birds to the Society. Each and every one of us are like a ‘gear’ in the vast machinery in the world and if one gear stops turning, the effects will be felt by all. Therefore the Society plays an active role in teaching the importance of conservation of water and other resources as proper management is the key to success in the future.

The benefits of judicious water management and rainwater harvesting can be seen in the ever full SBS Lake.

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