Important Instructions / Information

Important Instructions / Information

High Power Committee (HPC)

This is a committee which comprises of all the Directors of Sri Balaji Society, Pune. The committee meets under the chairmanship of the President, Sri Balaji Society, Pune and decides on every issue related to the day to day affairs of the students on required basis. Any director/ faculty can suggest any new initiative which can be introduced in a structured manner initially in this body so that common practise are maintained in all the four institutes. Before presenting such initiatives to the HPC, the director or professors or any faculty member should present a paper to all the members of the HPC at least 10 days in advance. All such initiatives / issues related to the institutes are discussed in this forum and decision arrived at, are implemented. The HPC ensures that the concept of one family and following common practise within Sri Balaji Society, Pune is strictly followed.

Central Control of Training and Grooming up Process in Sri Balaji Society, Pune (Sri Balaji Society, Pune).

Sri Balaji Society, Pune (Sri Balaji Society, Pune) is steadily moving towards the status of a Deemed University. The President of Sri Balaji Society, Pune is the Executive Director of BIMM and the Dean of BITM, BIIB and BIMHRD. The Directors of the Society are basically professors assigned with additional key roles & responsibilities in the interest of the students of all the four Management Institutes as is the case with many renowned institutes like IIMs. Each institute is headed by a highly qualified Director who has fully qualified faculties and staff to assist.

The following Central Departments of Sri Balaji Society, Pune (Sri Balaji Society, Pune), which are integral part of each institute regulate the norms, standards, practices and processes for quality control in training and development of the students of all the four institutes:-

Students from science stream are discouraged.

(a). Few interested students from this batch can pursue SAP – FICO Module, in their third semester, subjected to the availability of trained instructors from the industry, who will teach this subject in our Computer Labs. We have the licensed SAP software installed in our labs. These students have great opportunities to join the IT industry as SAP consultants. Hence, those specializing SAP –FICO module will be fielded for the role of consultants only in IT and other companies during campus placements.

(b). As the number for finance specialization is restricted to few qualified students, an expert committee will decide to select the students for finance in case large number of students opt for finance specialization. Students opting for this specialization, i.e.  finance, from  BITM and BIMM will also be clubbed together to ensure greater efficiency and maximum utilization of resources along with attainment of common standards within the society for achieving greater co- ordination. This will be known as Sri Balaji Society, Pune batch with maximum of 60 students or so. But they will still belong to their respective institutes and remain in their roster for all purposes.

(c). The Sri Balaji Society, Pune batch will be constituted in the first semester itself.

Systems Specialisations

(a). Engineers are preferred for the systems specialization.
(b). SAP (ABAP), SAP (S&D) and SAP (BI) modules are compulsory to those students who opt and get selected for Systems Specialization.