How to Apply

  • Sri Balaji Society has common application form for all four institutes and all 13 courses run therein.
  • The applications can be made online at the link given below.
  • To apply online (CLICK HERE)

Application - How to fill the courses

All the courses offered by all the institutes are listed in the application form. A student can opt either for one course of any institute or more courses or all the courses listed in the application form. Please note that all the courses are of equal status and of two-year duration. At the end of the admission process, a merit list will be drawn for each course separately and those who stand at the top ranks, for each course will be allotted the courses according to prescribed vacancies for each course.

The probability of a candidate being selected for a particular course will be communicated to the concerned applicant. The applicant will be asked to give his/her consent or otherwise. The applicant will be expected to respond within a week. On receipt of the information from the applicant as to whether the applicant is accepting the course suggested/proposed to him or otherwise, a final merit list will be drawn and the admission letter will be issued. While suggesting/allotting a course, the preferences given by the applicants will be taken into consideration. However, if the expert panels consider them fit for any other course or if the applicant doesn’t come within the Merit-List/ vacancies for the course preferred he/she may be considered to other courses preferred by the applicant.

The option of the students is therefore very critical for them to be considered for alternate courses. Therefore students are advised that they should opt for maximum or all the courses so that they have better chances of getting selected to any one of the courses offered by Sri Balaji Society.

All the requests for Application Form and all the inquiries related to admission should be directed to the under mentioned address:-

Dr. Biju G. Pillai
Director-IT & Admissions
Sri Balaji Society, Pune
Tathawade, Pune 411033