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All the required information is available on this website. However it is possible that you may still have some queries. This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, prepared on 9 Nov 2014, may provide the clarifications. We have tried to respond to a few questions. Still if any information is required you may address your queries to:-

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Questions and Answers

The Management Institutes/Colleges of Sri Balaji Society, Pune are as under:-

Ser No. Institute / Colleges Websites
(a) Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM)
(b) Balaji Institute of Telecom & Management (BITM)
(c) Balaji Institute of International Business (BIIB)
(d) Balaji Institute of Management & HRD (BIMHRD)
(e) Balaji Law College (BLC)
(f) Balaji College of Arts, Commerce & Science (BCACS)
(g) Balaji Junior College of Arts, Commerce &Science(BJCACS)

Initially our institutes were autonomous institutes just like SCMHRD,SIFT,SITM. Subsequently we decided to get the AICTE approval, AICTE approval was mandated to get jobs in public sector banks and Govt. undertakings. At that stage we were told by AICTE authorities that only government owned institutes can only have the prefix ‘Indian’. In order to get the AICTE approval we changed the word ‘Indian’ and replaced the word it with ‘Balaji’ -the name of Lord Venkateshwara as the name of our Society is also ‘Sri Balaji Society, Pune’.

There is no difference between these four institutes of Sri Balaji Society, Pune. All are equal in status legally and status wise. All the four are independent Institutes ,and are existing the vast area of 16.5 acres of land.They have their own Director, Dy.Director, HODs, Professors, Associate professors, Assistant professors, staff and full compliment of infrastructure as per statutory norms. All of them have received recognition from AICTE as well as AIU.All these four institutes are located in one campus spread over a land area of 16.5 acres. Common facilities such as common hostel,common Campus Placements,Common Admission Process, Common Induction Programs, swimming pool, three canteens/mess, walking track, shops are also available.

You may visit the website of Sri Balaji Society, Pune You can also visit the web sites of the Institutes which are mentioned above.

(a) Why should there be so many IIMs under one Government of India? Because, there is that much demand for well-trained MBAs in the market. Same reasons are applicable to Sri Balaji Society, Pune also. But, despite opportunities and invitations from State Governments we are not starting the courses in other states as we want to exist in an industrial environment where excellent faculties are available. We don’t believe in expansion and relay on quality education only. For us, it is to have proper focus on specialization, administration, discipline, co-ordination, control, adequate infrastructure, focused placement efforts, focused specialization based training / guest lectures / workshops / brand building and so on.

(b) There is a very special course Telecom Technology with 120 seats in BITM. Only Engineers, that too preferably BE with Electronic and Telecommunication specializations, are admitted to this course. Obviously, a special focus, special infrastructure and a special trainee is required for this course. Hence, a separate institute, i.e., BITM has been established more than a decade ago. The course is designed in such a way that the students are capable of joining and racing in the managerial career in the Telecom Industry which is going through exponential growth. The students of this course can also learn specialization such as Marketing, Operations and Systems. Similarly, BIIB has been established with a unique course of International Business. Although a full-fledged Finance batch is also there in this Institute besides a Marketing course. BIMM and BIMHRD are designed on similar lines with their own various specializations including Human Resources Management and the course is known as PM& HRD.

(c) Institutes cannot be started with any specializations and any number of vacancies. Fixed courses and vacancies are allotted by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Equivalence of each course to MBA degree is also not granted by The Association of Indian Universities for all the courses. All the PGDM courses floating in the market run by various Institutions are not two year full time PGDM programs though they call themselves as Post Graduate Programs. One should not get confused with those kinds of courses with what we are offering in Sri Balaji Society, Pune. You must physically check the approval of AICTE as well as AIU which should be displayed in the websites. All our websites carry the letters relevant to us.

(a) To understand the position correctly one should ask question such as – Why should there be so many IIMs in the country? Why should there be 5000 management institutes in the country? Why should Institutes like S.P. Jain have so many branches in different parts of the country? Why should there be so many Management Institutes in Symbiosis? The reason is simple…. India is a developing country and the business activities are spread over every nook and corner of the country. Obviously, the manpower needs for managerial position is on the race. It is like the IAS cadre. An MBA who joins as Management Trainee can rise up to the level of Managing director. Like an Lieutenant in the army can rise to the level of a General.

(b) AICTE allots vacancies to the Institutes according to the capacities of each trust of the Organizations. Capacity means the infrastructure including buildings, faculties, the location, the expertise gained with the society in imparting the management courses, or the return of investment (ROI), the track record of the campus placements and so on. Sri Balaji society, Pune has fulfilled all these requirements and hence they have approved four management Institutes. Since it is not possible to accommodate so many students in one institute and as the vacant seats are allotted on Institutes basis by AICTE the courses such as Marketing are offered by all the four Institutes. The status for all the four Institutes are same as already explained. Placement “opportunities” for all the four Institutes are also same. We follow common campus placements for all the four Institutes. Generally 250 companies from different parts of the country visit Sri Balaji Society, Pune for campus placement. They see qualified students from all the four institutes.

(c) As far as Placement is concerned it should be clearly noted that doing a course alone is not sufficient for placements. Only 5 or 6 companies see selected Institutes of Sri Balaji Society, Pune as the specialization is available in that Institute only. For example, if a company wants student from telecom specialization only, they should go to Telecom BITM. If they want HR they will have to visit BIMM and BIMHRD only as the students with those specializations are there. Normally whenever the company notify a vacancy they also notify the qualitative requirements, we notify the same to all the students of all the four Institutes and invite their applications. The applications received from to the companies are forwarded and they do the short listing for further placement process such as Group Discussion and Interviews in the campus. Suppose they select two students from BIMM, two from BIIB, two from BITM and two from BIMHRD, the salary for all the 8 students are same. It means every company is having its own salary structure and those students who get selected in that company get the same salary whether they are from BIMM, BITM, BIIB or BIMHRD. It means the salary structure is not same in all the companies. It is the competence of each student which will fetch a good campus placement. According to a survey only 20% of the MBAs out of the 5 lakhs MBAs produced every year are place able. But in Sri Balaji Society, Pune it is very good.. Similarly while the background of the individual matters how he or she is determined to achieve the goal and how much time he/she invest to acquire the right knowledge, skill and attitude in the two years of their MBA is more important for their placements.

The pre-entry qualification for all the PGDM courses offered by all the institutes are graduation in any discipline from a recognized university with 50 % marks. The selection process for admission to the Two Year Full-Time Management programs is as under:-

(a) We follow the Govt. of India regulations on the matter.

(b) We accept CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT & MAH-CET scores for entrance exam.

(c) The weightage given for GD is 35%, for Interview 30% (including essay writing) and for Entrance Examination is 35%. The GD includes Role Playing, Extempore, and subject discussions of normal GD.

(d) We are perhaps the first charitable trust in India to have reserved 50% of the seats for women candidates.

(e) Selection process is held in 29 centers all over India.

We are affiliated to CAT. However we accept management examination test scores such as CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT/MAH-CET test scores also. We don’t believe in cut off points. We look at the candidate 360 degree and follow Sri Balaji Society, Pune admission model and to facilitate this we conduct 2-3 days process at each of the selection centres all over India. In some states we may even have two centres. This model followed by us, is time consuming but has stood the test of the time now for more than two decades. This has also proved the best selection model that has helped in good campus placements. Each candidate goes through a scanning of at least one and half hours. We also address all the applicants for an hour or so and respond to all the queries of the students and parents. Anyone who has appeared for management examination test (result of the recent CMAT/MAT score will be acceptable as more than one test are held) can submit their applications on line. The entrance examinations carry a weightage of 35% only. Once the GD, PI and Essay Writing are over, we will add the management examination test scores and then take out the merit lists. The management examination test scores will be rationalized to the weightage of CAT score. Thus all the qualified applicants will have an opportunity to go through the selection process and the address all of the President, Sri Balaji Society, Pune in all the cities.

The admission procedure process is in progress and one can apply through our website.

Once you have received the admit card ,then you are allowed to appear for the process in any of the cities where the admission process is yet to be conducted. One will not face any problem for the same.The admit card issued for any center will be equally eligible for all the other centers.

The Two Year Full time courses offered by Balaji Institute Of Modern Management(BIMM) are as under:-

(a) Master of Business Administration (MBA).

(i) Scope to specialise in any one discipline from amongst Sales and Marketing (including Retail and Insurance), Finance, Banking and Financial Services, Systems, Business Analytics, Operations & Supply Chain Management is available in this course.

(ii) However, while selecting students to do a particular specialization from one amongst many specializations mentioned above we do keep in mind the educational background of the students. Thus, only those who are B.E (Mechanical), B.E (Production) & B.E (Industrial) are encouraged to specialize in Operations & Supply Chain Management. B.E (Mechanical) students can also specialize in all other disciplines, including Sales and Marketing Management, according to their aptitude and interest as quite a few Automobile Companies such as Ford, Hyundai, Etcher Motors Ltd, TVS Motor Ltd, Maruti Udyog Ltd, Nissan and so on have visited us for campus placements for Marketing. Major specialization which is available for all the students is marketing and most of the companies are recruiting students without any constraint of educational background. Of course each company follows its own selection process.

(iii) Those who are interested to pursue systems and Business Analytics specialization will be grouped separately and thoroughly trained in that field. Only Engineers with good track record of academics and very good communication skills will be offered this specialization. The specialization will include SAP, and Cloud Computing and Analytics which are in good demand from the IT industry are also  included in this curriculum.

(iv) Those selected for finance specialization are encouraged to simultaneously pursue M Com. from University of Pune as external candidates.

(b)Master of Business Administration (MBA – IT & Marketing)

(i) Scope to learn the entire field of Sales & Marketing Managements (including Retail and Insurance) is available in this course just like the MBA course mentioned above leading to corporate careers in the Industry. IT will also be the integral part of the course.

(ii) Those who are interested to do systems and Business Analytics  specialization will be grouped separately and thoroughly trained in that field. Only Engineers with good track record of academics and very good communication skills will be offered this specialization. The specialization may include SAP, Cloud Computing and Analytics which are in good demand from the IT industry. However the placement opportunity is NOT restricted to IT industry only.

(c)Master of Business Administration (MBA – PM & HRD).

(i) It is a full-fledged HR specialised program covering all the aspects of Human Resources Management/Human Resources Development, Labour Laws, Organizational Behavior and related management subjects meant for an intensive MBA of high caliber.

(d)Master of Business Administration (MBA – Executive).

(i) Those with 2 to 3 years or more of work experience in the industry with proper documents can be admitted to this group and groomed for lateral placements (with higher salary compared to fresh graduates). Scope to specialise in one discipline from amongst Sales and Marketing (including Retail and Insurance), Finance and Financial Services, HR, Systems, Business Analytics, Operations & Supply Chain Management including Logistics is also available in this course.

The Two Year Full-time  MBA courses offered by Balaji Institute of Telecom & Management (BITM) are as under:-

(a) Master of Business Administration (MBA – Telecom).

(i) It is a full-fledged special MBA program in Telecom management with good scope for placement in the managerial cadre not only in the telecom and telecom related industry (for example Service Providers, OEMs, VAS, Research & Consultancy, Passive and Active Infrastructure, Data Analytics, etc.) but also in all the telecom verticals in IT industry. This program enables students to select specialisation of their choice from amongst Telecom Technology, Systems, Operations & Supply Chain Management.

(ii) This course covers diverse aspects of the Telecom vertical and its associated ecosystem. Besides the classroom interactions, a two months practical Summer Internship is obligatory in leading Telecom companies. This is further augmented with on-site workshops with BSNL, Indus Towers, Reliance Communications etc.

(iii) Engineers from the field of Electronics, Communications, Instrumentation, Electrical, IT and Computer Science can only apply for this course.

(b)Master of Business Administration (MBA – Telecom & Marketing).

(i) It is a full-fledged MBA program covering entire field of Sales & Marketing Managements with an exposure in telecom management leading to corporate careers in the field of Marketing. IT will also be the integral part of the course. 50% of the students can also specialise in exclusive telecom (refer to the description of MBA – Telecom given above.) The students of this program can aspire for placements not only in telecom companies but also in any company, in any sector in the field of sales & marketing management.

(c)Master of Business Administration (MBA – Marketing & Finance).

(i) It is a full-fledged MBA program where the students have the choice to opt for specialisation like Sales & Marketing Managements or Finance. Enhanced inputs in finance will be the integral part of the Marketing specialisation. Finance Specialisation will have the same depth as in any Institute of Sri Balaji University, Pune.

(ii) The students of this batch will therefore be split into Marketing specialisation and Finance specialisation once the course has commenced and the suitability/ interest of the student for each specialisation is ascertained.

The Two Year Full time courses offered by Balaji Institute of International Business (BIIB) are as under:-

(a)Master of Business Administration (MBA – International Business).

(i) This prestigious MBA program covers the entire facet of Marketing and International Business. One foreign language will also be taught.

(ii) Students of this course can sit for campus placements for both International Business as well as Marketing according to their choice.

(b)Master of Business Administration (MBA – Marketing).

(i) This prestigious MBA program covers the entire facet of Sales & Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour and so on besides all other subjects as applicable to an MBA program with an overview of International Business. Scope to learn the entire field of Sales & Marketing Management leading to corporate careers in the field of Marketing. IT will also be the integral part of the course.

(c)Master of Business Administration (MBA – Finance).

(i) It is a full-fledged MBA program offering specialisation in Finance Management and covering all the subjects as applicable to an MBA program.

(ii) Those selected for finance specialisation are encouraged to simultaneously pursue M Com from University of Pune as external candidates.

The Two Year Full time courses offered by Balaji Institute of Management & HRD (BIMHRD) are as under:-

(a)Master of Business Administration (MBA):-Same as applicable to BIMM MBA program. Refer to Question9(a).

(b)Master of Business Administration (MBA–Marketing & Finance)

(i) It is a full-fledged PG program where the students have the choice to opt for specialisation in Sales & Marketing Managements or Finance. Enhanced inputs in finance will be integral to the Marketing specialisation. Finance specialisation will have the same depth as in any Institute of Sri Balaji University, Pune.

(c) Master of Business Administration (MBA – PM & HRD)

Same as applicable to BIMM PM& HRD program. Refer to Question9(c).

Yes. By all means at the same time you should also be told that the course contents offered for the courses are different, if the course chosen is different. For example the MBA (Telecom) and the MBA (Finance) cannot be the same. But the course structure for ‘Marketing’ is same in all the four Institutes. Similarly the course structure for MBA (PM & HRD) is one and the same is in BIMHRD as well as BIMM.

No.The specialization indicates the functional area in the industry wherethe students are expected to get placed after the PGDM /MBA. There are common subjects as applicable to all the MBAs & even much more than that. We offer in Sri Balaji Society, Pune. The specialization subjects are different for each specialization. To know about these specialization subjects please click here:( Please also note that the list is not an exhaustive one.We teach lot of additional subjects also as required by the changing business environment.

(a) No

(b) The specializations mentioned in the bracket indicates the focus area for sectorial specialization and placements. It should be noted that, any Post Graduate student in Management has to specialize in one of the disciplines in Management such as Marketing Management, Finance Management, Operations Management & Systems Management, PM & HRD, International Business Management, Telecom Management, Retail Management, Banking and Insurance and so on. Because, such managerial skills are required for the functional capability in the industry. There are various types of companies specializing in different sectors of business and we are trying to cater for all the sectors and functional areas with different specialization successfully. All are Two-year Full Time Post-Graduate programs in management.

(c) We offer IT training as additional specialization for all the specialization.

(d) All the students who are specializing in MBA – PM & HRD course are encouraged & facilitated to simultaneously pursue Master degree in Labour Laws and Labour welfare from University Of Pune.For this they take admission in our reputed Law College which is approved by The Bar Council Of India & University Of Pune. For a nominal fee , that is Rs.15000 per year whereas as the fee fixed for this by the University of Pune is more than Rs.15000.

(e) Similarly the students pursuing Financial Management are encouraged to do M.Com as an external candidate from University of Pune.Only migration & examination fee is required to be paid directly to the University.

(f) We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SAP Lab to enable our students to acquire ERP Qualification & Global Certification by SAP Corporation Germany.This online learning is available in all our computers (Wi-Fi Campus).If one wants to do the same course outside the campus the fee charged by the training institutes is more than Rs.1.5 Lac whereas the same facility will be provided in the campus for Rs.10000 per year.

Notes :-1. The courses mentioned as additional facilities vide Ans. 14 .d , e & f are not compulsory. It is purely voluntary and is meant for those ambitious & and want to secure multi-skills treating the time as most precious resource. We encourage the students to do in this in two year itself so that their placement opportunities may multiply. .Even after placements if the student want he/she can navigate to greater opportunity in their choice companies at any point of time in their corporate career.

Note-2. Since the students are doing Post Graduate Diploma programs declared Equivalent to MBA degree, the additional Master Degree is possible and the students are already doing the same.

(a) Our grooming process is very different compared to others. For example we follow a no holiday concept. It means no summer vacation, no winter vacation, no preparatory holidays for examination. Time is treated as the most precious resource in Sri Balaji Society, Pune- all the four Institutes.

(b) Though we have full time faculties as per AICTE norms all the core subjects are taught by veteran of the corporate world.

(c) Since the students are from different types of Academic background and are from all over India with different cultural and orientation and food habit, our Induction program is held from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for 70 days. During these 70 days one Corporate leader every day interacts with all the students. During this period we also teach Basic Financial Accounting, Economics, Quantitative techniques, and other important inevitable subjects. This way we try to bring all the students of all the four Institutes to common grid and then we start the PGDM classes.

(d) We have common admission process for all the four Institutes in 26 cities all over India. Similarly we have common campus placements for all the four Institutes. Companies from all over India visit our campus.

(e) We have integrated the subjects meant for Preliminary examination for IAS, IPS, IRS, and IFS etc. Thereby simultaneously preparing our candidates for IAS. However it is up to the students whether they want to appear in those exams or not.

(f) In order to familiarize our students with the corporate world our students are sent to the companies for a “Corporate Interface” all over India for ten days for the first time and another ten days for the second time if time permits. During these 20 days they can select their choice stations beside top ranking companies and invite them for Campus placements. The companies to be visited will be given by the corporate relation committee and the student council.

(g) We have signed a MoU with SAP India and their licensed ERP training system has been installed in all our computer laboratories. To undergo this training normally people are required to spend Rs 300000 whereas the same will be offered on self learning mode in our computer laboratory or through laptop or our Wi-Fi equipped campus for about Rs 10,000 only.

(h) As per Outlook, October 2014 we are ranked as one amongst top 4 B-Schools for “Return on Investment”. It means for comparatively lesser fee paid, the facilities and placements facilitated by us are of top class qualities. We have a beautiful swimming pool and a gymnasium inside the hostel campus for the convenience of students and their health.

(i) Hostel facilities for all the Juniors are provided for a nominal fee. There are 3 messes inside the campus. We have an artificial lake with lots and lots of trees.

(j) We sponsor many National Conventions in which the students also participate in outstations.

(k) We have SBS Debate Forum where students can go and record any grievance which is promptly seen and attended that too by the top brass of the Sri Balaji Society, Pune

By discipline what we mean is leading a civilized life and following the code of conduct by the students. To have regulated life styles which will ensure well programmed grooming. The rules and regulations enable the students to unlearn and learn the relevant knowledge, skill and attitude. A survey carried out by us reveals that, while students go to school with an attendance of at least 80%, their college attendance is just about 30%. Therefore, they find it difficult to attend classes. The body and mind used to such an irresponsible and infrequent college going culture will not help the students to have the right attitude and condition of mind to grow and go through stressful situations in the industry. Therefore, we have to correct and upgrade the life styles of the students. All that what we say is to get up early, to go for a walk, to get into the class in time, to focus on studies, get back to the rooms at least by 9:30 PM and sleep latest by 12:00 in the night. Because, they have to go to the class next day and concentrate there. Maintaining attendance is a compulsory requirement as otherwise they need not to have joined a full time course. We say that, if you are driving a two wheeler, you should wear a crash helmet. So, these are nothing great. Your parents will say the same. We also say the same. That is called Discipline. By the word ‘Determination’, what we mean is your focus should be to excel in your learning process and you should move towards your goal. You should remember the cost of the course, the pain taken by your parents and work towards your career.

The application form for admission for BIMM / BITM/ BIIB / BIMHRD are one and the same. Means, a student can apply to all the 13 courses indicating the order of preference for each course / institute. Since, vacancies are specified for each institute / for each course, the vacancies are allotted to each course of each institute according to the merit list. For example, the first choice of a student is for the PGDM (PM & HRD). The vacancies in BIMM is 60 only in case of PGDM (PM & HRD) course. The student has given the PGDM (PM & HRD) course offered by BIMHRD as the second choice. In such a case, if he or she stands in the merit list in first 60 with a merit mark of say 100. He or she is allotted that course. If he or she does not stand in the merit list of that institute, the student moves to the second choice automatically. In case, the student is not in the first or second choice, then he or she automatically goes to next preference. Thus, the student stands a chance to get into any of the 13 courses. Suppose, a student applies for PGDM (Telecom) as the first choice in BITM and Marketing in any other institute, again the same principle applied above will be applied. Suppose, a student apply for PGDM (Finance) offered by BIIB as the first choice, he / she may be allotted the same institute in case he / she stands in the merit. If not, he / she may opt for the finance batch of any other three institutes. Therefore, the student stands a better chance to get selected to any of the prestigious B – School of Sri Balaji Society, Pune. It should be noted a lot will depend on ‘the individual’ and his / her preparations during the two year of his / her course here. It is not the Institute which will place them. The Institute will groom the candidate to get fit enough for a good campus placement. It can’t place a student. Companies have their own selection methods / tests and the institute can’t have any control on the selection of ‘this or that’ candidate. We have no control on them. We are not a placement agency.

The application caters for the applicants opting for more than one course. The merit list is drawn through software with inputs of marks obtained by students in the selection process. In case a candidate does not stand in the merit list of, say option-1 then his/her name automatically goes to the option-2. This way the student keep moving to the various options exercised by him/her the student is finally offered the course according to the order of merit. If in case he/she is not appearing in the merit list they are not considered for any course.

The application form lists out all the courses of all the four institutes (all of them approved by AICTE and All the courses are granted the status of “Equivalent to MBA by Association of Indian Universities (AIU)). The application is self-explanatory and the students can accordingly apply.

No. You will be considered according to the merit list. If you do not opt for any course, you will not be considered. For example, the Marketing specialization is there in all the four institutes. Why not,therefore, try in all the four institutes? The PGDM(PM &HRD) course is there in BIMM & BIMHRD. The Finance Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management& System specialization are there in the PGDM programme of BIMM & BIMHRD – specialization is chosen in these programmes after arriving at the Institute. The Telecom(Technology) also has such specialization. It should be noted that we go through All India selection process. Large number of students apply. The vacancy in each course is limited. The status of all the courses being same, the student can explore the opportunities in all the Institutes of Sri Balaji Society, Pune.

No. You can apply for all the courses and give your order of preference. You can apply for all the courses of all the institutes of Sri Balaji Society, Pune also. This way your probability of getting selected to any B – School of Sri Balaji Society, Pune will certainly improve.

Yes. For example, Engineers are given preference for system specialization . Only those with Engineering background are allowed to specialize in Operation and Supply Chain Management. Similarly, Commerce students are given preference in case of Finance specialization though Engineers are also considered. The other example is those who want to specialize in Telecom Technology Management will have to be BE (Electronics and Telecommunications / Telecommunications / Computer Science / Information Technology / Instrumentation / Electrical). We generally discourage science graduates if they want to opt for Finance. We have given sufficient indication about the requisite educational qualifications for each course. That is to ensure that, the subjects learnt in the graduate course remains a strong foundation and relevant to the specialization sought by the students in management, so that progressive learning is possible. The aim is to give suitable specialization according to the educational background, aptitude and attitude of the students, so that, they do not struggle at the time of examinations and campus placements.

Every specialization is good. The career growth offered by all the specializations is same. What is to be clearly understood is that, it is the individual who makes all the difference in career growth ultimately. This happens in all the specializations. History is full of successful people who started their career from unknown institutes but have ultimately reached the Top of the World. Therefore, who reach where and within what time frame depends upon the individual’s abilities, capabilities, discipline, dedication and determination. The principles of equality do not apply in the corporate context. ‘Perform or perish’ is the mantra here. “Survival of the fittest” is the slogan here.

It depends on the individual and his overall personality. The trend analysis of admissions indicates that while 40% of the intake is from the engineering stream,re stare from non – engineering stream. Education does carry certain percentage of weightage during the admission process. How they perform during GD, Interview and essay writing will also contribute to larger extent to their admissions.

We have very good track record of campus placement. All the four institutes take part in the campus placement process although few companies may visit a particular institute for a particular specialization only according to the requirements and company policies.For example a company which requires Telecom professionals need not visit other three institutes. Each institute is having few companies,say 3 or 4 of them which visit a particular institute(s) only. There is a Corporate Relations Department in each institute under a Corporate Relations Director of the Sri Balaji Society, Pune and The Director of the Institutes. To see the list of campus placement records please visit the website.





The companies are visiting from all over India.

That depends on each individual & the company where an individual gets selected.That is the situation even in IIMs and in every good campus. It is once again said that each company is offering different kind of compensation packages and getting selected in the unique selection process of each company will depend upon the attitude, knowledge and skill of each individual.It is like students of the same class getting different grades in the examination.Same class, same faculty, same grooming process and same selection process someone gets selected, someone gets rejected. Absolute and transparent process is what the institute will ensure.

It should be noted that, every company is having different compensation packages. According toour experience If company ‘A’ visits the campus to recruit different kinds of specialization at a time (Marketing, Telecom,International business, Finance, Operations, Systems, HR and so on ) the company offers the same package, if they give offers to the students of common status (Say, fresher’s without work experience). For example, if the company visits us to recruit students specializing in Marketing, Finance, Operations, Systems, PM & HRD, International Business, Telecom, Retail, Banking and Insurance as Management Trainee, all of them generally get the same salary / package, although they may give differential salaries in rare cases. That is why we have different institutes offering different courses. It can be said that nearly 50% of the students get an average salary of Six lakhs and overall the average salary is around 6 lakh rupees per year. The relevant point here is almost 90% of the students here are fresh graduates. For example, few students got 7.5 lakh rupees just the other day. About 20 students got offers for 6.5 lakhs. These students are due to pass out in May 2016 only. The placement season has just commenced.

Yes, provided they have relevant work experience and stand up to the expectations of the industry. In such case the ‘job profile’ of those with work experience will be on the different and they will be positioned on the higher side and higher salary.Thus relevant work experience in the industry is critical.In case a student is having two to three or more years of work experience, surely he has great opportunity to get lateral placement which will have high compensation package in the relevant industry or so compared to a fresher. Even those with lesser work experience, say 2yrs. and more, may get different packages and positions in the industry. People often read news of the IIMs and ISBs getting thirty, forty and so on as salary. Those are those who join the MBA programs after lot of ‘relevant’ work experience and they get positioned at a senior position whereas a fresh MBA has to start the career as management trainee- like a lieutenant in the army.

Yes and No. The skill set required for the jobs of each company is different and accordingly they look at the basic degree. All the highest salaries in the campus so far have gone to both Engineering and Non engineering students. Yet our track record proves that all the streams of students are working in all types of companies. There are companies which seek engineers only. Similarly, there are companies which do not want engineers, but seek non engineers only. The salary differentiation between an engineer and others is generally very minimum.

The word ‘Collaboration’ is misleading. Anybody can go to any country for few days or so. They can do a short capsule of training for two or three days. With little effort, you can also visit any college or company. In fact we offered two months summer projects in U.S. for our students, of course at their cost, which no one picked up. If you are ready to pay money, these so called foreign universities will also give you some space and a faculty who will teach whatever you want, whether relevant or irrelevant. The question is which university is collaborating with whom. Is it a Government of India approved arrangement? If so, those claiming to be collaborating with ‘this and that’ universities should put such relevant documents in their prospectus and websites. There are hundreds of fake universities in the world, who are hunting for this kind of arrangements offering various kinds of MBAs and misleading the people in the name of collaboration. If we charge that kind of fees from the students, we can also send our students to US, UK or to any part of the world and make them to stay there for some time and give the psychological satisfaction to the students. But, we will not do anything which is not formally approved by the law of the land. We are not charging that kind of fee from students. There is a difference between ‘travelling’ abroad and students exchange programme with the approval of AICTE, Association of Indian Universities and approved universities abroad.

The data reveal that, foreign companies hardly visit India for campus placements. Very few companies must have visited the IIMs. But, companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and Cognizent and so on are doing business with the companies in different parts of the world and a lot of our students are currently working in those countries representing the Indian companies.

Our policy is to give extensive training for which we need two years. Because, our experience says that, notwithstanding the industry experience, the experience in question is not actually in the functional areas of management. Therefore, they have to be given adequate training not only in basics but also in advance level of Training in their respective field of specializations. However the course duration will be discussed again with the students once they join us and the right duration will be fixed mutually keeping in view the regulations meant for the courses. We are going to focus more on the PGDM executive as they have the potential of attracting very high salaries. For example most of the placements in IIMs are lateral placements for industry experience students. One major reason for higher salaries in IIMs and ISB is work experience.

The work experience is given due weightage at the time of admission. Depending upon their experience, the companies consider them for different compensation at the time of placement. Therefore, they are encouraged to apply to any of the courses offered by any of our Institutes.

We believe in the upliftment of women. Therefore, 50% of the seats are reserved for female candidates provided they are otherwise qualified and stand in the merit. Other reservations are as per the Law of the Land.

Hostel accommodation is available to almost all the female candidates in the first year. It will be allotted on the first come first serve basis. Good number of seats are also available for the boys. However those students who don’t get the hostel, hire the flats in our adjacent localities, and are living there very comfortably now for many years. Mess facilities are also available.

As all the four institutes are approved by AICTE, all the banks are bound to give educational loans as per the policy of Government of India. However Sri Balaji Society, Pune has signed MOU with Andhra Bank, HDFC and Central Bank of India to give educational loans to the students who get admitted to the courses offered by us.

As of now, this training is given to those specializing in systems only. Sri Balaji Society, Pune has signed an MOU with SAP Lab India Pvt Ltd for a 200 Hours Online training on 6 modules of SAP such as SD,HR, MM, FI, CO and ABAP which can be completed simultaneously during the PGDM course. On successful completion of 200 hours of online training on self-learning mode they will get a course completion certificate signed by SAP India Pvt Ltd and Sri Balaji Society, Pune. As part of the above MOU, SAP Labs will set up a ‘SAP Center Of Excellence’ in Sri Balaji Society, Pune Campus where Sri Balaji Society, Pune students will get an opportunity to work with SAP 6.1 live server. They will also be eligible to go for SAP Global level certification on a discounted price.

Please note that this course outside Sri Balaji Society, Pune through an authorized SAP Educational Partner will cost around 1,70,000 Rupees for each module. However, we charge only Rs.10,000/-(ten thousand) for this SAP approved course.

Sri Balaji Society, Pune is known for a lot of corporate relations activities. Corporate interface is a regular feature in our institutes. A lot of our adjunct faculties are from the industry. Our core faculties whether on Full-Time basis or on visiting terms is from the industry. We also organize National HR meets in our beautiful Auditorium. Guest lectures, Workshops, Management Games and so on are regularly held in our campus.

Excellent infrastructure which is ranked as number-3 in India; excellent faculties, very good hostel, very good environment and very good campus placements. We are a mini – India. Students from all the states of India live here as one family and learn management. A healthy competition is a way of life here. A minimum of 100 stalwarts from the corporate world visit our society for interaction with our students. About 250 companies have visited us last year for campus placements. If the objective of any one joining B–School is a good corporate career, we have been able to achieve that. Notwithstanding the success achieved, our systems and processes are yet to be streamlined and matured. We are focusing on them.

As per the Government of India rules and regulations, even the Deemed Universities can’t start management institutes without approval of University Grants Commission (UGC) in other cities / states. There may be some private universities of the same group in each state who may be running such colleges. It is for YOU to check and see in their websites of the respective institutes whether the course in question has been approved by AICTE or UGC as the case may be. We have therefore not started any institutes other than those mentioned above. As we focus all our attention and energy on our students in Pune.

The applicant will be considered only for the course for which he/she had applied through the application form. However if an applicant had opted for more than one course or for all the courses the chances are that the candidates will be considered automatically for all the courses opted by the applicants . Since every course is offering a specialization the experts committee evaluating the candidate will give marks based on the individuals performance during the interview. However, as a large number of students are applying for all the courses, final allotment of the course will depend on final merit order.