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Five Tips You Need To Prepare For MBA Entrance Exam

In a few weeks, you will be in a classroom taking your MBA entrance test. Many MBA aspirants start studying for numerous MBA exams five to six months in advance. However, the 30 days before the test are crucial. Sri Balaji Society brings to you five tips that will help you ace an MBA entrance test.

A lot of MBA aspirants choose to join coaching classes, others choose to self-study. If you have joined a coaching class, then you will already be prepared according to a plan. If you plan on studying at home, it’s important that you cover the entire syllabus and have your basics clear. Start with a solid study plan and follow it diligently. This plan must include what topics you will cover, how many hours/days you will spend working on one section of the paper and so on.

Mock Tests
Don’t skip on solving mock tests. Ensure that you are solving at least one mock test every alternate day. These tests will help you assess the topics you are good at and the ones you still need to work on. Mock tests are also a great way to acquaint yourself with the type questions that are usually asked in an MBA entrance exam.

Study Plan
Once you have taken a mock test, you will be able to analyze your weak and strong subjects. Once this analysis is done, take time to study your weak topics thoroughly. However, do not completely ignore your strong subjects either. For example, if you struggle with Pie charts, dedicate 2 hours every day to studying pie charts. If your strength lies in English, dedicate one day to studying only English.

Over the past few months, you may have spent endless hours studying for an MBA entrance exam. However, it’s also important that you revise everything you know. Revisit your fundamentals. Practice grammar and vocabulary rules and math formulae. Having complete clarity about the basics of any topic will ensure that you can solve any question.

Time Management
Apart from preparing for each topic, it’s important that you can manage your time well enough to answer all questions on the test. This requires strategic planning and constant practice. Start by solving the questions you have a good time-consuming and difficult.

If you keep the above pointers in mind and work hard, you will easily crack any MBA entrance exam. Good luck!

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