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“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

It was a great opportunity for us to have such an intimidating personality, Mr BALAJI ETHIRAJAN, Chief Human Resource Officer, TVS LOGISTICS SERVICE PRIVATE LIMITED coming to our campus and enlightening our student managers with his vast experience of the corporate world and navigating us through how young minds should work to meet the expectations of the corporate world.

Mr. Ethirajan, an illustrious personality in the corporate world having experience for more than 20 years is known for holding a successful track record of pioneering start-ups, joint ventures, building networks, and post-merger integration. He believes in executing excellence in whatever he does and has also been instrumental in designing many recruitments and HR firms, Many national dailies, business publication and television channels have been found to have quoted  MR. ETHIRAJAN’S viewsETHIRAJAN started the session by emphasizing how important it is in “THE WORLD OF MILLENIALS “ to be flexible, agile and to be able to learn and unlearn things to not just survive but excel in our careers and since the cohort has changed massively in the recent times the pattern and stereotypes of the corporate world has taken a shift too and the generation Y & Z needs to function itself like a sponge so as to cope up with the new work models, intense careers and there couldn’t have been a better place than SRI BALAJI UNIVERSITY having such a diverse demography to learn it from. And as ARTIFICIAL LEARNING, MACHINE LEARNING, BIG DATA, etc comes into the picture it is important we make ourselves prepared for it.

“A MILE WIDE AND AN INCH DEEP” OR “AN INCH WIDE AND A MILE DEEP”, your  career is how you mould it.

A few suggestions that MR. ETHIRAJAN gave was to stay curious as you go along your way because nothing but curiosity with the right amount of hard work can lead you to success and while you are about to take your first step always to remember that even if you start small with an objective to learn it will take you to places because either you plan your career on a short term or a long term, till the time you are growing personally, career-wise and financially there is nothing else that matters.

“LIFE, COMPANY, SECTORS, everything has a cycle and there are ups and downs in every aspect so it is important to keep the spirits high and keep going as nothing is certain and one has to learn to feel content with what one has “ ,also the ideology on which the pillars of Sri Balaji University stands. On this note MR. ETHIRAJAN ended the enthralling session.

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