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A festival full of sweet childhood memories, a sky full of lights, mouth full of sweets and heart full of joy.

Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals for most of us. The annual house cleaning drive, shopping for home decor, dressing up the house with flowers and lights, and suiting up in the finest, Diwali holds a special place in our blossom memories.

In Sri Balaji University Pune, a similar memory of our childhood was re-created.

There is no festival complete without decorations and as Indians the celebration of any festival begins days in advance and therefore festivals are not just occasions but a feeling that we live every moment with our loved ones.

From lighting Diya’s and laying out vigorous Rangolis, to making a canopy of fairy lights covering up the whole campus, Sri Balaji University focuses on every small detail of the occasion to make it home away from home for its student managers and this year the occasion was followed by a campaign #ekdiwalidostwali. The Diwali décor started with lighting up all the institutes with the colourful lights giving the student managers the feel of Diwali a week in advance.

The old traditional marigolds, giving a touch of over the hill memories and the essence of integrity along with belongingness was created by Sri Balaji University Pune for the student managers by setting up nooks for photoshoot spread in the whole campus. In the cool breeze the warmness of the earthenware’s everywhere was being felt, kicking the student managers with a nostalgic hit.

As Rangoli is believed to be harbinger of good luck, the four institutes of Sri Balaji University Pune conglomerated all the radiant colours into a jubilant Rangoli design. The symmetrical and statuesque Rangoli represented majestic dignity, grace and beauty.

In India, sweets are an integral part of the social, religious and cultural milieu. No celebration is complete without the traditional ‘mithai’. Sri Balaji University Pune believes in spreading happiness amongst the student managers, hence the favourite ‘laddoos’ were distributed without which the mirth and merriment of the festival is bland.

Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth and lord Vishnu’s wife, visits her devotees and bestows gifts and blessings upon each of them. To welcome the Goddess, Sri Balaji University was painted in colours of love, enthusiasm and vibrance. The Puja was performed with welcoming the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, mantras were chanted making the environment very pious and virtuous.

Diwali in Sri Balaji University Pune is a Phuljadi of colourful customs and quaint traditions, witnessing a grand cracker show by the whole SBUP family. Thinking that nothing tastes as good as Mumma’s dinner, bursting out the believes the student managers were served with the unbeatable poori halwa in the festive decorated SBS mess setting out new milestones for the other delicacies.

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