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“Future depends on what we do in present”

-Mahatma Gandhi


A very magnificent identity Mr. Naveen Tandon started off the 13th National Business Convention at BIIB, Sri Balaji University Pune with this exquisite paraphrase.

Mr. Tandon, the director- International External Affairs, AT&T have the experience of more than 22 years in telecom regulatory, government policies and compliance practice.

The essentia of a dialogue not a monologue was post marked to the jam-packed student managers. Just as the pace of innovation is driving the change today, the chalk-talk directed to adapt technology in everything you do, on the point of that- technology is something that is very constant and you have to find a way to impress technology. Perhaps, the ability to adopt to change and thrive to change was the fiber of the parable. Sri Balaji University Pune exercise their student managers minds, time, energy, efforts and resources to help them enter the corporate world with lucrative jobs.

An era dominated by technology and evolution, the student managers are coached to tackle the rip-roaring longitudes as a consequence the challenge is to seize the opportunity and respond in a manner which hinges on disruption and innovation- both for industry and government with a win-win situation.

From an age of no app to 2 million apps we have moved from analogue to a digital pace particularly intelligence through the cloud in virtue of universal need and rules for cross border data flow.

Mr. Tandon, conferred to the sophomore of Balaji Institute of International Business with elemental wisdom on forming a perspective and reacting according to your intelligence together with having a notion of governmental policies.

Acquiring from the chaos along with the art of getting up gracefully when you fall are the sum and substances distilled out of the parlance.

In the eleventh hour, he mentioned his belief in the manager and team by setting afoot,

“Best decisions are yours- bad mines.”

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