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An illustrious identity, denying the perseverance of renowned audit firms on finishing his chartered accounting, knew that he had to earn wings waypost in Investment Banking and leadership.

Accomplishing all the milestones, now having 14 years of experience in Investment Banking, Analytics & Operations.

Mr. Nihit Kumar – Vice President, Verity Knowledge Solutions Limited was invited to the 13th National Business Convention organised by BIIB, Sri Balaji University Pune remarked that most of the things come from experience, they are never learnt from books.

He stands the true paragon of leading by example. As sir himself is the exemplar of, first doing things from your own side and if you cannot do it for yourself you cannot expect your team to do it for you. Been cited it as a piece of persuasion for the students of Sri Balaji University Pune.

Cherishing his 6 months of parenthood, he said

A true leader both know and communicate their values openly with the people they lead, creating an atmosphere of certainty and trust because at the end of the day it is not a rat race as compassion is the key to human survival.

Grace and empathy, the two core part and parcels of every scholar of Sri Balaji University as the organizational culture leads us towards the key to personal networking.

For all one knows, the marbles of success are: Intelligence, energy & integrity.

Furthermore third part always overheads the first two.

Above all else, the time has come for us to be exuberant and willing to outwork everybody else and simultaneously for a big hit, one should know when to take a pause, adapt, learn and change. Henceforth, the student managers at the university are coached to view a bigger image and think broadly.

Sir himself hoisting a dynamic tech savvy persona, inkled that “If you’re competing and you’re the best in the lot, then maybe you’re in the wrong lot.”

Putting the lid on, it was call for the day and the student mangers were enlightened with the closure,

“Always challenge your basics.”

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