Campus Life

About Campus

Winston Churchill, once said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”. At Sri Balaji Society, we firmly believe that the Campus infrastructure which is one of the most important inputs for the budding managers. The Campus facilities are the enablers in achieving the larger objective of giving a comfortable stay and a positive learning environment to student managers. The overall objective of creating great professionals cannot be achieved unless the Society is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and latest technology. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Sri Balaji Society Campus is one of the best B-school campuses in Pune.


A book is a gift you can open again and again, and the Sri Balaji Society’s library is home to numerous such books. The libraries are a storehouse of knowledge and hold more than 40,000 textbooks and more than 1,10,000 reference books in addition to books on management and business.

To build an inclination towards management research amongst student managers, the SBS libraries have subscribed to 185 journals and magazines comprising international and national editions along with subscriptions to 26 local and national newspapers.

IT Infrastructure

The most crucial resource that helps Sri Balaji Society and its constituent institutes stay at the forefront of all emerging and trending technologies is the IT infrastructure of the Campus. The computer labs provide the learning environment for students who pick up the necessary computer, IT and networking skills to help them thrive in the corporate environment. To stay abreast with the times, the computer labs at SBS’ Campus are well equipped with desk mounted systems supported by 100 MBPS internet cables and leased lines for information exchange and connectivity. To further ensure uninterrupted internet access, the Campus is Wi-Fi enabled with hi speed internet with 100 Mbps speed, providing an opportunity to the student mangers to access the web, wherever he or she may be in the campus. All these facilities are controlled through the server room located within campus which has more than 28 servers and more than 2000 nodes.

To further facilitate learning and development of students, the Society has subscribed to a number licensed software, most important of these being the indispensable MS Office 365, the ever important SAP e-learning software, SQL, and SQSS. These software are maintained and updated under the Microsoft Campus Agreement. The labs are fully equipped with the latest licensed versions of the required computer applications, programs and software.


The nucleus of the student manager’s life after the classroom is the hostel building in Sri Balaji Society. Hostel facility is available to both male and female candidates of full-time PGDM programme CA. However, the allotment takes place on first come first serve basis due to limited number of seats.

With ample accommodation and recreational facilities, the hostel building is the place where the student managers, relax, study, and interact with their peers. Student accommodations are arranged in the form of ‘clusters’ with residential spaces for 12 student managers in one cluster and 4 rooms forming each cluster. Order is maintained in the hostel premises by the ‘Cluster Friend’ and the ‘Floor Friend’ who are student managers assigned with the responsibility of maintaining the decorum of the hostel premises.

Recreational & Other Facilities

The Hostel premises accommodate a well-equipped gymnasium and swimming pool to enhance good health and healthy habits amongst student managers at SBS. Keeping convenience of the student managers in mind, a laundromat is provided for in the hostel premises as also an infirmary and doctor for providing basic first aid, and for treating minor and miscellaneous ailments. To assist in case of emergency and provide timely help to students, an ambulance is always present at the hostel premises. An ATM at the doorstep of the Campus ensures our students never face any cash crunch.

Cafeteria & Mess

The Society runs and maintains three eating facilities at the Campus. Each mess follows an exclusive menu and serves three meals a day apart from snacks between meal times. Apart from these eating facilities, the Campus hosts a juice shop and a light refreshment centre. Together, these facilities fuel the energy needs of the aspiring managers.

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