Festivities at SBS Campus

Hope you enjoyed the month of August and September with festivities and fervour. The electric atmosphere created by The Aiyaswamy Cultural Festival in July continued well into the month of August. The SBS fraternity enjoyed the month of festivals as Balajians made new friends on Friendship Day, cherished the bond of sibling love on Rakshabandhan, hoisted the tricolour high on Independence Day, welcomed Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi and enjoyed the Onam feast. So, we thought of sharing a few glimpses of these celebrations held at the SBS Campus.

Friendship Day – Promise of a Lifelong Bond

In all difficult times it is only true friends who stand by you. A student manager’s schedule is packed with guest lectures, workshops, tasks and events in the Society. True then it is that many hands make work light and thus new friends are created and networks are formed. While the world celebrates friendship day once a year, student managers at SBS celebrate it throughout the year. It is the spirit of friendship that forms the spine of the society as united we stand and divided we fall. Whether it be last minute copying of assignments, or hitting the deadline of project report submissions, or the hope of proxy attendances; it is true friends who will see each other through the two year PGDM course at Sri Balaji Society! Thus, with the promise to see one another through thick and thin times at SBS and beyond, Balajians made friends. Here is a peek into the day.


Celebrating the bond of friendship

Friends for life

Rakshabandhan: Celebrating Brotherly Love

Rakshabandhan was celebrated in the SBS Campus as student mangers gathered at the SBS ground to celebrate the spirit of brotherhood. Balajians dressed in their traditional best adorned the Campus with a traditional festival vibe glowing under the soft, warm morning rays. While some male student managers were seen running helter skelter for obvious reasons to avoid getting rakhied, most others enjoyed the festival in a gaiety spirit. The unsung heroes of SBS premises, who endlessly toil in the background round the year - the support, the technical, the maintenance, and non-teaching staff of Sri Balaji Society, were recognized for their services with Rakhis and gifts. They were given a formal ovation to appreciate their efforts round the year.


Sibling revelry

The Bhais of SBS

Felicitating Staff for their tireless efforts

Independence Day: Celebrating the Spirit of Freedom

SBS fraternity celebrated the 70th Independence Day in Campus on 15th August. The day was marked with patriotic songs, march past by student managers, and flag hoisting at the Hostel Ground.

L to R : Replica of Amar Jawan Jyoti, Faculty celebrating Independence day

L to R : 1. Student celebrating Independence day, 2. Fierce Patriotism, 3. Tricolour in my blood, tricolours on my face

Student Performances

Ganesh Chaturthi

Pune is the heartland of the Ganesh Festival. Millions come together to celebrate the tradition which Chhatrapati Shivaji started to create a united culture for the community. Much later, freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak brought the festival out in the public space as a mark of protest against the British Raj which banned any cultural celebration. The festival is looked forward to with same alacrity and is celebrated with the same spirit even today all across Maharashtra. The cities of Pune and Mumbai have laid down the standards regarding the scale, volume, and quality of the celebrations.

Keeping rhythm with the rest of the city, SBS preparations for the festival began a fortnight prior to Ganesh Chaturthi. The creative team turned to brush and paint to create beautiful images of God Ganesha and erected banners, pandaals, and festoons in the campus, heralding the arrival of Ganpati Bappa. As the day of the festival arrived their artistic treasure opened and the whole of Sri Balaji Society was amused to see the decorations from the entrance to the lawns where Bappa would comfortably sit for five days. Student managers sprinted out of their lecture halls, as the last lecture for the day was cancelled, to welcome Bappa to the beats of a hundred Dhol Tashas. Yes! You read it right. Only the last lecture was cancelled! We studied diligently through the day.

The enthusiasm of the crowd could be gauged from the fact that despite dressed in formals, and having attended lectures since 8 in the morning, the student managers danced, and danced jovially to welcome Bappa. Undoubtedly, Bappa had arrived and the rolls of Dhol Tasha roared with all the student managers dancing and welcoming the one who was eagerly awaited. Enthusiasm was at its pinnacle as everyone welcomed the auspicious idol of Lord Ganesha into the pandaal designed as a replica of the famous ‘Shanivar Wada’, the seat of the Peshwas of Pune. The student managers, faculty members, and the staff devoutly attended the consecration of the idol and prayed for blessings upon the society. As a mark of esprit de corps, the honour of performing puja to the idol was shared equally amongst the four institutes of the society.

L to R : 1. Opening of the ceremony, 2. Preparing to welcome the Bappa

Clockwise from L to R : 1. Age is just a number; Bappa is welcomed by the kids and adults alike, 2. & 3. The happy drummers

Dhol-Tasha - Welcoming Bappa to the beats of drums

Bappa arives

L to R : 1. Bappa esconced at Sri Balaji Society, 2. Faculty and students offering prayers

Balajians rejoicing the arrival of Bappa


The SBS family celebrated Onam on 6th October 2017. The day started with a puja at the hostel grounds which was attended by faculty, staff,  students, and Dr. Balasubramanian. This was followed by lunch for faculty, staff, and students which was greatly enjoyed by all. A point worth mentioning is that the entire event was managed by a handful of students who not only managed but also executed it well.

L to R : 1. Pooja at Hostel Lawns, 2. Onam Decoration

In the Onam spirit

Yes.. We are hungry!

Smiles are brightest where food is served

L to R : 1. No time to pose! After all, there is no sincerer love than the love of food.. 2. You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.

Happy to serve