As we move on into 2018, let’s have a look at the events that took place in Sri Balaji Society

Where’s the Party Tonight? In SBS!

Music and dance are an important part of life. Truly it is said that a life is lived poorly if there are no opportunities for an individual to celebrate the fact that he is “alive!” and is not just surviving from paycheck to paycheck, waiting for a holiday that may never be come.

Students in Sri Balaji Society study hard as they compete and learn to be the very best management leaders who are sought after by companies everywhere in India and the world. Thus it is natural that the society provides its student ample opportunities to ‘party hard’ as when it comes to ‘delivering results’ one delivers one’s best as anything less is simply unacceptable.

In the spirit of this belief, the society arranges DJ Party nights for its students, providing them an opportunity to shout, sing, leap and dance to the tune of hit songs, musical numbers and tunes latest, classic and old.

Celebrating the spirit of Freedom: Independence Day in Sri Balaji Society

15 August 2017, is a very important day for India as it was on this day, sixty years ago that India won its freedom. Sri Balaji Society celebrated the legacy of India and its freedom struggle from the first sparks of revolt against the British in United Bengal to the new beginning on the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi where the Union Jack was replaced by the Tricolour, signifying a new beginning and new responsibilities for India and its billion citizens for the years ahead.

Organized by BIMHRD, Sri Balaji Society celebrated the spirit of freedom in its premises by unfurling the tricolor at the hands of Dr. G. Gopalakrishnan, Director BIMHRD (Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resources Development) in the presence of the entire society. Groups of students performed street plays and skits, describing the spirit and the unity of India and its people. The event was concluded with distribution of sweets and a hope for a more prosperous India in the days ahead.

Teacher’s day celebrations in SBS

Vidya dadati vinayam, vinayadadati patratam. Patratratvaddhanamapnoti, dhanaddharman tatah sukham. Truly it is said that the root of happiness, worldly pleasures and wealth lies in education. If education can be said to be the root of everything, then the ‘teacher’ is the gardener, the garden and the fertilizer who makes it possible for his or her students to grow into prosperous, successful and influential individuals in the future.

Sri Balaji Society celebrated ‘Teachers’s day’ on 05th of September 2017, by felicitating its ‘Gurus’, the teachers that help it to maintain its position as one amongst the top ranked B-Schools in India. This day was named in the honor of India’s second president, freedom fighter and renowned educationist, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Teacher’s day in the society was marked with fun and wholesome entertainment as our teachers displayed their talent to us, enthralling us with their renditions of classical, hit and latest songs. The students put up a good show, entertaining the audience with their performances, concluding the event with a positive note.

Blessings for the journey ahead: Brochure Puja in SBS

Sri Balaji Society enjoys a coveted spot in India as an institution of excellence in management education. A long running tradition in Sri Balaji Society, is to send off newly inducted student managers to spread the word about the society and to invite the companies, corporate entities and persons to participate in the campus placement process in the society.

It is here, that the student manager’s skills and learnings gained by them in the society are put to the test, as they use these skills to present a copy of the Brochure of the society to their allotted companies. This experience provides them a ‘trailer’ view about the corporate world enabling them to correct their mistakes and improve upon their plus points.

The brochure, a ‘silent ambassador’ of Sri Balaji Society was consecrated in a special puja arranged in the Hostel Campus on 06th of September 2017, praying for the students to be successful in their trip to the corporate world.

Celebrating the festival of light: Diwali in SBS

A night of light, a year of joy: Diwali in Sri Balaji Society

Sri Balaji Society celebrated the festival of Diwali on 19th of October 2017, in its hostel campus with full gusto. Students, faculty members and all other dignitaries of the society were invited for a night of joy, sweets and of course fire crackers.

Diwali marks the beginning of the Indian new year, and is celebrated by performing ‘Lakshmi Puja’ wherein one prays to the Goddess of wealth for her blessings to fall on the books of accounts, tilting the balance in favor of the asset’s side.

Post completion of the ‘Lakshmi puja’ in the SBS Hostel campus grounds, the most awaited event of the evening began: alighting the sky with all the seven colors of the rainbow. Students dressed in their finest traditional clothes could be seen everywhere running, laughing, setting off firecrackers and pausing for a moment to take selfies and group photos, recording the night for posterity. Discipline, dedication and determination being the three pillars of the society, each and every measure was taken to ensure that Diwali was celebrated in a fun and safe way.

Gifting the fluid of life: Blood donation in SBS

Blood is one of the most precious fluids in the world, as precious as life as it is one of the few substances and compounds that cannot be ‘manufactured’. Thus donating blood is equivalent to donating life itself and is one of the most precious gifts of life.

A long running tradition in Sri Balaji Society, #BleedForACause blood donation camp was arranged in the hostel campus premises on the 8th of December, in association with the society, Sasoon Hospital, OM Blood Bank and Civil Hospital Aundh Camp, Pune.

Students, both juniors and seniors participated in this event and bled for a cause as they gave for the greater good and left the venue, their hearts filled with pride for playing a part in saving an individual’s life for nothing is more precious and valuable than it.

Christmas day celebrations in SBS

Peace on earth and goodwill to men. These words mark the onset of Christmas day celebrations all over the world Sri Balaji Society celebrated the season of joy, good tidings and gifts on 25th of December in its hostel campus.

The evening was marked with joy, exchange of gifts and a general feeling of goodwill amidst the many hundred student managers of the society.

A Christmas tree was erected in the hostel campus grounds and it was decorated with painstaking care with tinsel, baubles and lights. The height of the hour was our beloved Bala Sir, who played the role of ‘Santa Claus’ and gave away chocolates and other gifts to the student managers.

Placement party and New-year celebrations in Sri Balaji Society

Sri Balaji Society ushered in the New Year, 2018 with an awesome party in its student hostel grounds. The party was arranged by BIMM and was coordinated by the other three institutes: BITM, BIIB and BIMHRD. The party began with the hands of Dr. Gopalkrishnan Sir, Director BIMHRD as he lit the bonfire in the presence of the student managers, our beloved Bala Sir, directors and other dignitaries of the society.

The party, themed as ‘Bollywood Dreams’ was given for celebrating the good placement statistics in the society. The revelers saluted the spirit of film making, entertainment and the silver screen in India courtesy of hit and popular songs played by the DJ and his team along with the high energy dance moves of the student managers, dressed to the teeth in the height of fashion.

At ‘Zero Hour’ 00:00:00 am, a cake was cut celebrating the move from 2017 to 2018. Discipline, dedication and determination being the three pillars of Sri Balaji Society, decorum was maintained in the party by the student managers and the party concluded in the first hour of the first day of the new year along with a declaration that was ‘music’ to the student manager’s ears: 01 January being declared as an ‘Off’.