The Learning Continues..

The monsoon finally arrived in its true colours in Pune and everyone here enjoyed the rains after a long spell of summer.

July 8th and 9th were marked by the Aiyaswamy Cultural Fest with all student rivers vying for the coveted cup. The month also witnessed an Alumni Meet at Bangalore on 22nd July which saw enthusiastic participation from alumni in the city.

At the Campus, while the guest lectures, workshops and classroom based learning kept our junior student managers on their toes, the senior students got busy with the internship presentations.

All in all, it has been an eventful month.

So, we thought we'd share the main highlights of the month with you to give you a peek into the latest developments and events. Hope you enjoy it!


Kargil War Hero: General (Retd) V P Malik, PVSM, AVSM

Sri Balaji Society and its student managers were honoured to have Former Chief of Army Staff who led the Indian Army during the Kargil War, General V P Malik, PVSM, AVSM as a Guest Lecturer on 11th July 2017.

While we enjoyed listening to his experiences of leading one of the largest armies in the world, we also learnt that true leaders are those who can sort the problems of their subordinates. One is generally tired out by subordinates reporting problems. But a line quoted by Gen Mailk, "the day your colleagues stop bringing their problems to you is the day you have stopped leading them.” reminds one of the responsibility of being a leader and how not to get demoralised in the face of problems. Gen Malik, who is a member of board of directors in six companies in India, stressed on the importance of communication and soft skills in life.

Gen (Retd) V P Malik, PVSM, AVSM at SBS, Pune

Warrior of the Sky: Air Marshal (Retd) Kulwant Singh Gill, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VM

Air Marshal (Retd) Kulwant Singh Gill, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VM speaking about leading an eco-friendly life

Student managers at SBS were enthralled as they played audience to Air Marshal (Retd) Kulwant Singh Gill, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VM and listened on about his expedition to Antarctica. He spoke about the value of time and the cost to be paid if it was not honored. He also emphasized on the importance of maintaining cleanliness in the environment and leading an eco-friendly life and the devastating impact of plastic on the environment.

The Marshal inspired students to trailblaze new paths and set an example for others to follow and concluded his lecture by asking the student managers to develop empathy for fellow men and women and the country along with creating a new path with their footsteps so that they make a difference on the highway of history.

Administrators Visiting SBS

Clockwise from top: A token of appreciation for Dr Bilal Bhat (IAS, AIR 10, 2016), S K Jha (Retired Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Deptt, Pune) explaining benefits of GST, Ms Rehmat Bhat (KAS), alumnus BIMM, being welcomed at SBS

We also had administrators visiting the campus and sharing their thoughts with the students. SBS Alumnus, Ms Rehmat Bhat, (KAS), Assistant Director of Tourism, Karnataka Govt. and Dr Bilal Mohiuddin Bhat, IAS, AIR 10 (2016) visited the campus and shared their stories of trials, tribulations, and success with the students. Ms Bhat shared some stories of her life and described the transition of her life from a student manager at Sri Balaji Society to her career as a police officer and her current position in the Government of Karnataka. Dr Bilal M Bhat who cleared the UPSC Civil Services exam with an AIR 10 in the year 2016, shared with Balajians some very useful tips on CSE preparation. He advised students to synergize the management education with CSE preparation to gain the most from the two. He also emphasized that there are a number of ways in which one can serve one’s country but the way one can do that by being a civil servant is unparalleled. He therefore urged anyone even with a slight inclination to the same to prepare with utmost sincerity.

Another senior official, Retired Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Deptt, Pune, Mr. S K Jha enlightened students about the various forms of tax prevalent in the country and how various central, state, and local taxes will be replaced with GST. He also briefed the audience about the benefits of GST and how it would impact various sectors in India. He concluded his lecture by clarifying various doubts, questions, and queries raised by the student managers about GST.


A Corporate Veteran Speaks on life after B-school: Subrata Poddar

Subrata Poddar, Director at University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business, and Ex-Head HR at Suzlon Group addressing Balajians

Mr Subrata Poddar, Director at University of Michigan - Stephen M. Ross School of Business, and Ex-Head HR at Suzlon Group delivered a guest lecture on 12th July. He shared his career progression from being a fresh graduate from B-school to his current position as a veteran HR professional in the industry. He spoke about the changes and the current trends in the industry and the difference in the grades of employees and work cultures in various companies. The HR Leader also spoke about the importance of learning, unlearning, and relearning so that one is up to date with relevant information and knowledge so as to deliver value in one’s work.

Talking about cross-cultural management, he described how employees in geographically disparate locations can be brought together as a team for performing critical tasks by use of technology. He concluded his lecture by addressing queries of student managers on various aspects of HR and general management.

Embodiment of Determination and Grit: Mohd. Asif Iqbal

Someone rightly said, "Willpower knows no obstacles". This thought came to life when we attended the lecture by the motivational speaker, Mr Mohd. Asif Iqbal who despite his visual impairment did not only set seemingly unachievable goals but also strived hard to achieve them.

The Principal Consultant (Manager) HR at PwC Consultancy Services, shared his life experiences and the efforts made by him to achieve the goals which are otherwise deemed unfeasible for a visually impaired student. He emphasised how a little encouragement and positive words can go a long way in helping those challenged by physical impairment. Equipped with his special braille enabled laptop he demonstrated how he operates his day to day business. Without a second thought, he is an embodiment of the thought, 'success comes to those who strive for it, and never lose sight of the goal'. He further enriched us with a question and answer session and enlightened us with his knowledge and information on topics raised by us.

Mohd. Asif Iqbal, Principal Consultant (Manager) HR at PwC Consultancy Services, with student managers

An Evening with Bhaskar Das

Bhaskar Das, Head of Leadership Practice at Think Talent Services, and Ex VP-HR at Cognizant, addressing students managers

Student Managers at SBS got a chance to interact with Mr Bhaskar Das, Head of Leadership Practice at Think Talent Services, and Ex VP-HR at Cognizant. The HR Leader turned the lecture into an interactive Q&A session where students enlightened themselves with the experiential knowledge from Mr Das. He advised us to co-exist with the system, create a difference, and have a positive attitude in life while accepting change and adapting and responding to the new situations in the course of their corporate career. He asked the student managers to co-exist with the system, create a difference, and have a positive attitude in life.

Alumnus Revisits Campus: Santosh Kannan

Students managers at SBS enjoyed listening to an alumnus of SBS, Mr Santosh Kannan, Assistant Manager Pre Sales at Pyro Networks as he reminisced about his college days at Sri Balaji Society and accredited Dr. (Col) A Balasubramanian for laying the strong foundation for his career. He spoke about his mentors, the responsibilities of a corporate citizen, and the ground realities of life in the industry and stressed on the importance of learning while on the job. An important point he made was about not only managing work but also people while at work.

He also shared some dos and don’ts for a successful career, and concluded the session with a Q&A session.

Santosh Kannan, an alumnus of SBS and Assistant Manager Pre Sales at Pyro Networks, reminiscing about his days at SBS

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Ms Arnabi Marjit

Arnabi Marjit, Head HR - APAC, Japan, R&D and Biotech at Lupin Limited, explains corporate expectation to students

Student managers of Sri Balaji Society hosted an eminent personality from the field of human resources, Ms. Arnabi Marjit, Head HR - APAC, Japan, R&D and Biotech at Lupin Limited.

During her lecture, she briefed the student managers about their organizational roles and responsibilities as future corporate citizens. She informed them that every company expects ownership and accountability from the employees and spoke about the necessity and importance of time management.

Marketing Good Health: Mr. Sumanta Ray

Student managers of Sri Balaji Society had a productive evening listening to a guest lecture by Mr. Sumanta Ray, Chief Marketing Officer at Narayana Health: Hospitals and Healthcare. The healthcare marketer explained how the world transitioned from a product based market to a service based market and spoke about the paradigm shifts created by various changes and disruptions taking place in the world. With the help of several examples, he explained how disruptions in the market caused by adoption of new technologies, methods, solutions, and means create paradigm shifts which create new businesses, and destroy existing ones in the world today. In this context, he urged the student managers to keep themselves updated with the current technologies so that they can adapt to the next paradigm shift and gave some useful tips for developing a positive work life balance

Staying true to his profession, he advised us to stay healthy and fit by exercising the body while acquiring new information and knowledge to flex our mental muscles.

Sumanta Ray, Chief Marketing Officer at Narayana Health: Hospitals and Healthcare, addressing Balajians

Finding Right Resources: Mr. Santosh Panicker

Santosh Panicker, CPO, Sears Global Technologies India Pvt Ltd. sharing his experience with Balajians

Student managers at SBS welcomed an eminent personality from the field of Human Resources, Mr. Santosh Panicker on 25th July 2017. A man with immense knowledge of the industry, Mr. Panicker is the CPO at Sears Global Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

Speaking from experience, he shared that as corporate citizens one must not refuse any assignment assigned to one and gain complete knowledge about the job that one is assigned in the company. He also talked about the importance of being able to develop the skill to crunch numbers and process useful information from raw data. He urged them to keep themselves updated with current information so as to adapt to changes in the future. He advised the students to accept challenges in life and trailblaze new paths, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

Self-made Entrepreneur: Mr. Dippak Wani

Student managers at SBS dreaming of owning their enterprise someday, got an entrepreneur's version of his success story. A self-made man, Mr. Dippak Wani is the Director of Pune based firm, Wani Technologies. He shared the secret of his success and the method by which he established several monuments of success in the field of engineering and won several accolades for his work for the society.

Mr Wani’s story of rise to the top is a living example of a person making from rags to riches. From humble beginnings where he struggled to secure two square meals for his family, to the present day stature in the industry, Mr Wani has truly persuaded the Gods of Fortune to smile at him with his sheer hard work and single minded dedication to achieve the goal. He shared his success mantras with the students and inspired them to strengthen their present by learning new information and by acquiring knowledge to pave the road for a better tomorrow.

Dippak Wani, Director, Wani Technologies, sharing his entrepreneurship story

Making a Difference: Mr. Ravi V Melvani

Student managers at SBS played host to Mr. Ravi V Melvani, Founder of the RVM Foundation on 28th July 2017. An author, speaker, singer and a philanthropist, Mr. Melvani embarked on a second journey of his life to make a difference in the lives of others through means of humanitarian, inspirational, and spiritual work. He brought forth his goal into reality by starting a nonprofit foundation, the RVM Foundation with the guiding principle, “Rejoice, Value Life and Make a Difference” directing his and his foundation’s efforts into achieving his objectives.

The philanthropist explained how one can become successful by liberating oneself from fear and by developing a ‘can-do’ attitude in life. He also urged the student managers to build the will for success so that they develop the skill for success in life. He concluded his lecture by speaking about the power of faith, and asked the student managers to ensure that no one steals their dream. He advised student managers not to get disheartened by failures, as they are but milestones on the road towards the goal.

Ravi Melvani, Founder RVM Foundation, inspiring students

Other Notable Speakers

Swapnakant Samal (L), Head HR Digitization, Reliance Industries Ltd and Sangramsinh Pawar, Head of Corporate HR, OD and HR CoE’s at Syntel, at SBS, Pune

SBS was also graced by the presence of other notable industry leaders. Mr Sangramsinh Pawar, Head of Corporate HR, OD and HR CoE’s at Syntel, and Mr Swapnakant Samal, Head HR Digitization, Reliance Industries Ltd visited the campus to deliver guest lectures.

While the former stressed on the importance of staying relevant by adapting to latest information so as to have an edge over others in the industry, the latter emphasized on delivering more than the deliverable assigned. He also advised the student managers to develop any one niche skill so that one is able to call the shots despite changes in the operating environment.


Workshop and Motivational Seminar by Prof. P S Rathore

Prof. P S Rathore, a Leadership and Life coach, honoured at House of Commons, British Parliament London as the best International Management Guru and a Fire Walk Trainer conducted a day long workshop and seminar with the student managers of first semester. The workshop, which has till now been conducted only for corporate leaders, was conducted for a student crowd for the first time thereby making SBS, Pune to be the first B-School in India to organize such a workshop for the betterment of its students.

Prof. Rathore, with his long standing experience with training CEOs and top management employees demonstrated to us that, fear is only a mind game, which can be easily controlled. For the first time in their lives (and in all probability, the last as well), students walked on fire, and on broken glass, bent thick iron rods with their neck, and broke concrete blocks! He strongly recommended on improving the energy flow in our bodies and demonstrated Shiv Taandav - a dance form, and advised on practicing the same for better energy flow. It was indeed a day well spent and thoroughly enjoyed by student managers and surely we took home many lessons that day.

From L to R: Students enjoying the Shiv Taandav, A student manger conquers his fears by walking on fire, Prof P S Rathore at the workshop

And Some More...

This was just a glimpse of some of the activities from the campus. Apart from these, we also had the Aiyaswamy Cultural Fest conducted on 8th and 9th July which kept the Campus abuzz with fervor and colour. The 15 rivers left no stone unturned to take home the coveted Aiyaswamy Cup. But then, there can only be one winner, and this year it was the River Sabarmati. While the lectures, presentations, and the cultural fest kept the students busy at campus, off-campus, the Alumni Meet at Bengaluru witnessed an enthusiastic response from alumni in the city. To catch a glimpse of the meet, and Aiyaswamy Festival stay connected with the upcoming issues of The Connect..

From L to R: Dr. (Col) A Balasubramanian inaugurating the Aiyaswamy Fest, A student manager performs at the fest, Alumni Meet at Bengaluru