A 730 day journey completed: Convocation and Pre-Convocation ceremonies in the society.

January is the month when students are transformed into Graduates of Management in the most important academic event of their studenthood life, as they ascend the podium and receive their coveted PGDM Certificates, the final destination of their journey of two years and the fruit of their tireless efforts in learning the skills and techniques of management. It is a journey that has had its highs, lows and uneventful plateaus within. From sharing plates of Maggi noodles with their friends, to resisting attempts from one's best mate to have fun as there is studying to be done, all these wonderful moments are recalled in a night of fun and revelry during the Pre-Convocation ceremony as friends and acquaintances alike, promise to meet again after receiving their PGDM Certificates as the bonds of friendship created in the society are long lasting like 'Fevicol' and give higher returns than secured bonds as within them lies the threads from the strings of life.

Convocation and Pre-Convocation ceremonies in Sri Balaji Society

An institution of excellence in the field of management education in India, Sri Balaji Society has maintained its position at the top, standing tall with the best B-Schools in India since its inception 21 years ago. The society and its four management institutes – BIMM, BITM, BIIB and BIMHRD have taken the responsibility of preparing and training its students ‘to be the best’ so that they fly the flags of their institutes and their society high wherever they go through their hard work, personal initiatives, quality output and exemplary leadership skills in the respective companies and business enterprises they are working in.

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If it can be said that the first step of a management student begins the day he dots the I and crosses the t on his admission application form then the last step of his journey concludes in the auditorium where he waits with his friends and colleagues to take his PGDM Diploma certificate, wearing the black robes and mortarboard hat of graduation. Thus, the day of the convocation is the most important day in a student’s life and is celebrated with the gravity and decorum as befitting a student of management.

The month of January sees the Convocation ceremonies for the four institutes in the society starting with the eldest, BIMM and concludes with the youngest, BIMHRD. The convocation ceremony is preceded by an gala event – ‘Pre-Convocation ceremony’ wherein the junior and the senior students of the current batch spare no expense and utilize all resources to give a night of fun, entertainment and great food to their super seniors so that they can enjoy the ‘last hurrah of their studenthood’ as they look forward to spending the most solemn day of their student lives in attendance with their parents, friends, colleagues and relatives.

Pre Convocation ceremonies in Sri Balaji Society


A long running tradition and one of the most awaited events in the society is the ‘Pre-Convocation dinner and party’. Convocation, being the most important occasions in a student’s life no expense or effort is spared to give the convocation batch a night they will not forget. Each institute’s Pre-Convocation dinner party is arranged around a central theme, unique to the convocation batch and is celebrated in its own and unique way, guaranteed to please and entertain the audience, causing them to recollect the nine flavored moments from their lives as student managers in the society.


Teams of juniors and seniors along with the technical personnel give their very best in preparing for a show for their Super-seniors both on the stage and off it as nothing is left to chance for this is a night to remember for the organizers as well as the audience for the rest of their lives.


The ceremony began with the 'Ganeshvandana' a traditional dance performed in honor of the 'remover of obstacles', Ganesha and was followed by comedy skits, dance performances, songs both solo and duet and concluded with the most awaited event of the evening, the Fashion show. The comparers regaled the audience with stories about their times as students in the society, reminiscing about their days of discipline, complete learning, interaction with friends and wholesome fun and entertainment.

The pre-convocation party was followed by a dinner, wherein mouthwatering delicacies from all over India were served along with a variety of delicious sweets and savories as they competed for attention on the plate, a fitting end for the last day of a student and a new beginning as a Management Graduate, on the day of the Convocation.

BIMM Convocation


The convocation ceremony for the 2015-17 'Catalysts' batch of Balaji Institute of Modern management (BIMM) began at 10:00 am on 6th January 2018 in the Raththinathammal Auditorium in the BIMM building. The guest of honor for the event was Mr. Sandeep Kulkarni, Chief Executive Officer of ACG Worldwide Company limited. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kulkarni urged the convocation batch to exhibit passion in their work and urged them to keep up the reputation of their parent institute, BIMM and the Sri Balaji Society in their respective workplaces. He also exhorted them to hone their existing skills by acquiring additional technical skills so that they will be in a position to conquer the corporate world.

Mr. Kulkarni presented the coveted 'Go Getter' award to the members of the CRT (Corporate Relations Team) of the institute as a mark of appreciation for their efforts in assisting their friends and colleagues to be placed in the corporate world while seeing to it that their own performance is not affected. The Go Getter award winners were: Ajinkya Patil, Anagha Vilas Edlabadkar, Anjora Mehan, Arya, Ashwini Bodkurwar, Ayushi Shrivastava, Chandrayee Bardhan, Jui Desai, Khusbu Madhvi, M. Janaky Rajeev, Nair Gopika Vijayan, Namita Jain, Pallavi Dake, Pallavi Shakya, Poulami Das, Smriti Uchil and Sourabh Hamberwadi.

Mr. Kulkarni gave away the 'Induction Presentation' awards to 11 junior students, for the spirit of excellence displayed by them on the stage before the entire society on joining their institute one semester ago. The Induction Presentation award winners were: Adwitya Mehra, Aashika Shamin.N, Abhishek Chabra, Atul Tripathi, Shivani Babar, Prasad Narayan Pawase, Vedant Sanjay Banker, Gopi Kishan Bhadada, Setu Shreya and Pooja Tare.

The PGDM Certificates were given away to the convocation batch at the hands of the Chief Guest on the stage and the ceremony came to conclusion with the announcement of the medal winners: Riya Saswani from the Finance specialization batch, Pagar Tushar Balasaheb from the Operations specialization batch, Caroline Jacob, Sonakshi Mehta and Divya Mohmaya from the PM and HRD specialization batch and Chaudhari Rupali Rajendra and Doshi Shreyas Suhas from the Systems specialization batch for their exemplary and extraordinary performance as students to the standing ovation of their friends, family members and relatives in the audience.

The convocation ceremony concluded with the ceremonious 'tossing of the mortarboard hats' as the students transformed themselves into graduates of management and left the venue with their heads held high in pride to immortalize the memory in JPEG, PNG and MP4 formats for the future.

Watch a few glimpses of the ceremony here:

BITM Convocation


BITM welcomed its 2015-17 Convocation batch with a resounding and rhythmic corporate clap courtesy its students, faculty members and other senior functionaries from the institute and the society. Officiating as the chief guest in this most solemn ceremony in a management student's life was Mr. Dhiraj Relli, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer HDFC Securities Ltd. Mr. Dhiraj Relli addressed the audience and shared some of his experiences in life with the students. He asked the students to deliver excellence in their work and keep the flag of their institute and their society flying high wherever they may be in life. He also exhorted the institutes to focus their efforts in gaining knowledge and developing excellence in their respective sets of skills so that they will be able to lead a succesful and happy life.

Recieving the medals at the hands of the Chief Guest were: Tushar Chate and Kamta Nath Trivedi who won the coveted Gold Medal and Anusha Jain, Sanyogita Trivedi and Jaya Choudhary who won the Silver Medal. The 'Go Getter' award was awarded to the Corporate Relations Team (CRT) comprising of hand picked students from the 2016-18 batch who form the 'first line' of offence when it comes to contacting the companies for placement opportunities for their fellow students and colleagues in their institute. The Go Getter award winners were: Saumya Minocha, Hussain Sattuwalla, Gurpreet Singh, Sushmita Sen , Aruna Vishwakarmma, Diksha Sahajra, Akansha Sharma, Harshita Rao, Astha Bhat, Gaseemt kaur, Neha Mishra, Satbinder kaur, Arya Sahu and Lakshyata Gehlot.

The Convocation ceremony concluded with the traditional 'tossing of the mortarboard hats' ceremony, marking the crossing of the last milestone of the journey of a student from the day he filled in his admission application form to his fifteen seconds of fame when he stood before his friends and colleagues as he was handed his PGDM Certificate at the hands of the Chief Guest completing his journey as a Management Graduate. It was truly a 'Kodak' moment when many hats were tossed up in the Raththinathammal auditorium in the BIMM building to the cheers of the audience marking the end of an eventful journey of two years of student life in the institute.

Watch a few glimpses of the ceremony here:

BIIB Convocation


The Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIIB) welcomed its convocation batch with the ‘standard’ greeting given to all visiting dignitaries in Sri Balaji Society: The Corporate Clap on the 13th of January 2018. The top brass of the society was in attendance in the Raththinathammal auditorium for this most solemn moment. Mr. Pavel Maco, CEO - Home Credit, India officiated as the Chief Guest for the event. Addressing the audience, Mr. Pavel informed the audience comprising the students and the convocation batch, that they are the ‘ambassadors’ of their institute and the society and thus, they need to portray and hold high the ethics, values and the aspirations of the society so that they can make a name for themselves and their alma mater in the future. He also asked them to focus and develop on their key points so that they will be able to live a happy and successful life.

Mr. Pavel handed over the ‘Go Getter’ certificates to the members of the BIIB Corporate Relations Team (CRT): Deeksha Malik, Phai Dhanashree Yogesh, Neha, Rahul R, Shivangi Gunwant Kulkarni, Shreya Kumari, Mandeep Singh Khanuja, Pooja Raj, Priyanshi Nema, Riddhi Biswas, Rimjhim Sahu and Swati Patwari. The certificates were awarded as a token of appreciation from the society for their tireless effort in seeing to it that their friends get placed in good jobs.

After giving away the ‘Go-Getter’ certificates, the Chief Guest handed over the Council certificates to the members of the BIIB Student’s Council: Rajgor Devang Bharat, Kamakshi Sharma, Lakshit Tayal, Shourya Mishra, Milan Maheshbhai Patel, Pooja Duseja, Ankit Agarwal, Vartika Kumari Jaiswal, Ajay Raje Sanjeevkumar and Shivangi Srishti S Sharan. The certificates were given as a mark of appreciation from the society towards the members of the student council for seeing to it that the relations between the students, the faculty members, the institute and the society are going smoothly and in a fair and transparent way.

After disbursing the Council certificates, the Chief Guest gave away the Induction Presentation Certificates and cash prizes to ten students namely: Prasanna Kulkarni, Diksha pandey, Saurav Kumar, Raveena Nambiar, Loma Divyesh Dalal, Abhishek Ashok Pathak, Priyam Paul, Rohit Shirish Deshpande, Gandharv Gautam and Vinya Soni. The students were felicitated on the stage for displaying exemplary performance during the SBS Induction Presentations, a one month event beginning immediately after commencement of the academic year in the society.

Post disbursal of the Induction Presentation Certificates, the Chief Guest handed over the PGDM Certificates to the Convocation batch. Once the last certificate was handed over, the moment came when each and every person in the auditorium was patiently waiting for: The tossing of the Mortarboard Hats. It was truly a Kodak moment as hundreds of hats were tossed up in the auditorium, to the cheers and laughs of the newly graduated batch, a fitting end to their journey of two years as student managers in the society.

Watch a few glimpses of the ceremony here:

BIMHRD Convocation


The youngest institute of Sri Balaji Society, Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resources Development (BIMHRD) celebrated its convocation on the 14th of January 2018. The day was marked with solemnity and decorum as juniors and seniors welcomed their predecessors, dressed in the black gown and mortarboard hats of graduation.

Mr. Vinay Prakash, CEO, Coal and Carbon Credit division, Adani Enterprises officiated as the Chief Guest and Mr. Amitabh Mishra, Head HR Adani Enterprises, officiated as the Guest of Honor for the convocation ceremony. The honored guests addressed the students and described the vitality of human resources as a profession. They spoke about the history of Adani Enterprises and concluded their speech by urging the graduating students, senior and junior students and the audience to be true to their values, ethics and core as management professionals.

Mr. Vinay Prakash presented the prestigious ‘Go-Getter’ award to the members of the BIMHRD CRT (Corporate Relations Team) as a mark of appreciation for their tireless effort in making sure that their friends and colleagues are placed. The awardees were: Anmol Satiza, Ashutosh Singh, Heena Harsha Singh Baghel, Mansee Jalan, Mansi Shukla, Neelam Pattnaik, Nikita Bhojwani, Preksha RaI, Ridhya Malhotra, Riya Sharma, Shruti Jha, Shubham Mandlol, Sonal Roy, Sonamkumari Singh and Tanvi Tiwari.

The Chief Guest felicitated the members of the Student’s council as a mark of appreciation from the institute for their impartial and selfless effort in seeing to it that the relations between the students, the institute and the faculties are going smoothly and in the proper way. The list of student council members 2016 – 17 of BIMHRD are as follows: Akansha Pandey, Sumit Saxena, Shivam Miglani, Deepshika Singh, Sayed Azhar Aeiaz, Akansha, Archit Pamecha, Monica Garg, Pakshal Rajendra Shah and Mona Saxena.

The Chief Guest presented cash prizes and an award certificates to eleven junior students as a sign of appreciation of their efforts during the induction presentations, held in the first month on joining their respective institutes. These presentations are given in front of the entire junior student batch and is a test of data presentation skills and presentation skills. The list of awardees were: Sachin Pathak, Shreya Mishra, Masoom Dey, Niyati Nitin Nikam, Ruchi Bandil, Shefali Gupta, Yogesh Somani, Simran Khurana, Aditi Sharma, Vishal Verma and Alaf Khan.

After presenting the induction presentation cash prizes and certfiicates, the Chief guest presented award certificates and cash prizes to seven students who maintained the standards of academic excellence and performance expected from the students in Sri Balaji Society by ensuring that their attendance level was a full one hundred percent. Seven students received the cash prizes and award certificates namely: Akansha Gupta, Partho Pritam Roy, Shubham Sharma, Debanjan Dey, Nishi Agarwal, Ujjwal Deep Singh and Simranjeet Kaur.

After disbursing the awards and certificates, the time came for the felicitation of the medal winners recognizing their exceptional effort and tireless dedication towards their transformation from students to future corporate leaders during the duration of their PGDM course in the society. The Gold medal was awarded to Abhishek Bharadwaj and Ankita Singh. The Silver medal was awarded to Kratika Pandey and Anmol Maliwal. The Bronze medal was awarded to Shubham Jain.

With the felicitation of the medal winners, the Chief Guest handed over the PGDM certificates to the Convocation batch students and paused for a while to click photographs with them. Once the last PGDM certificate was awarded, it was time for the most awaited moment of the ceremony: The tossing of the Mortarboard hats. It was a true photographic moment as hundreds of hats were tossed in the air to the cheers of the audience and the newly graduated Student managers.

Watch a few glimpses of the ceremony here: