The last day of December, heralds the first day of January, the first month of the year and is seen by all as a new beginning and a new blank page in the book of life, promising hope and prosperity to all.. The month is named after ‘Janus’, the two headed Roman God of beginning, transition, doorways and change. While one head looks into the past, the other head looks into the future. For Balajians, this month is special for them as it marks the society’s birthday and gives them an opportunity to celebrate life with their friends. The month also marks the additional birthday of India, as it contains the day when the country transformed itself from a Dominion into a Sovereign Republic. As we look forward to life in 2018, let’s have a look at the major events in January that took place in Sri Balaji Society where Discipline, Dedication and Determination is the trinity that watches over all night and day.

SBS Foundation Day

The 8th of January is a special day in Sri Balaji Society for this day marks the society’s “Birthday” and is celebrated with full enthusiasm by everyone: Students, faculty members, directors and other dignitaries in the society. This year the society celebrated its twenty first birthday. 21 being the most powerful, sacred and auspicious number, its purport was shared by the dignitaries on the stage as they recalled the days from the society’s past and its former students who have made their parent institutes proud through their achievements in the corporate world and in life.

Organized by Balaji Institute of International Business (BIIB), the event saw the entire society, right from the President, Dr. Col A. Balasubramanian, the directors, staff members, faculty and students to the functional and technical staff in attendance in the BITM Auditorium. Officiating as the Chief Guest in the ceremony was Major Pradeep Khare (Retd) who also released a book ‘Unsung Heroes’ in the ceremony featuring stories about 51 ordinary people performing extraordinary deeds through their courage, fortitude and presence of mind.

As per the tradition of cutting the cake during birthdays in the society, here too a special cake marking the society’s birthday was cut and was distributed amongst the dignitaries present on the dais, to the standing ovation of the students seated in the audience.

Celebrating the change in directions: Lohri and Pongal celebrations in Sri Balaji Society

Sri Balaji Society celebrated the festival of harvest, Lohri and Makar Sankrant on the 14th of January. These two festivals are one of the most important festivals in India for they mark the transition between the seasons of winter to summer and thanksgiving for a good harvest.

Organized by BIMM (Balaji Institute of Modern Management), the evening was marked with the lighting of the traditional bonfire in the SBS Hostel Campus grounds and was followed by a night of singing, dancing and wholesome fun, entertainment and sweets.

Students and faculty members alike wished each other and celebrated this festival dressed in their traditional best as they gathered in the SBS Hostel campus to say grace to the heavens above for a year of joy, prosperity and success for themselves, their family members and SBS.

44 pages of hope: SBS Prospectus Brochure puja

A tradition in Sri Balaji Society since its establishment 21 years ago, every year students are sent on a ‘mission’ to the corporate world to invite corporate leaders, representatives and other artificial jurisdictional persons to visit the society for campus placements by putting their skills of management and marketing to the test so that they will be in a better position to face the corporate world when they pass out from the society.

Acting as a ‘silent ambassador’ the brochure describes the society, its history and the various PGDM courses available for the students in its four institutes in a way that explains why the society stands out from the other B-Schools in India.

A special puja was organized on the 15th January 2018, in the BITM (Balaji Institute of Telecom Management) building premises wherein the SBS Society’s brochure was consecrated and ‘empowered’ by the prayers, wishes and aspirations of the directors, students and the top brass of the society attending the puja for a prosperous and successful academic year and placements in the days ahead.

Republic Day: Celebrating India’s day of democracy in SBS

26 January 1950 is the most important day in the history of Modern India as on this day India declared itself a ‘Sovereign Republic’, shaking away the last thread of its connections with the British Empire by enacting its Constitution. The day is marked with a spectacular show in New Delhi, watched live by millions of people both in the country and outside India.

Organized by BIMM, this day of democracy was celebrated with full enthusiasm in Sri Balaji Society in its Hostel Campus with the unfurling of the National flag of India at the hands of Dr. Archana Srivastava, Director BIMM (Balaji Institute of Modern Management). This was followed by a series of street plays and skits in the hostel quadrangle by teams of students who displayed the idea that is India through their performances.

The day also saw the felicitation of sixteen meritorious teachers from all four institutes for participating in the ‘Research Methodology Workshop’ and for writing academic papers based on their learnings in the same. The event was marked with joy, hope and a positive feeling amidst the students, directors and other dignitaries for a more productive and better future for the country.