Every parting gives a foretaste of death, just as every reunion is a hint of the resurrection.

Nothing can be truer than this quote in the backdrop of the Alumni Meet held at Bengaluru on 22nd July 2017. The energy, the ebullience, and the million watt auras of the alumni lit up the Fortune J P Celestial’s ambience for the evening. The friendly bantering that the alumni once shared at the idli wada stall, popularly known as Anna Shop, at SBS came to life once again; the only difference was the location. The alumni meet, an event solely managed (and rather well-managed), by the alumni started on an ecstatic note as the alumni got together with beloved Bala Sir, and Directors from the Institute.

Alumni Corporate Citizen Conclave - Bangalore

Let’s catch up

After everyone had caught up with everyone else and reminisced about the strict yet golden SBS days, the evening began with an old SBS tradition – lighting the lamp. We must confess that we cannot imagine any better primeval of an event nor can we imagine anyone except Bala sir doing this. As Prof Biju rightly said in his address to the alumni, “We cannot think of conducting events without him and if at all we go ahead in his absence, we feel the void all the more strongly.” Dr (Col) A. Balasubramanian is that common thread which binds all of us together even after one has long left the Institute and set out on their journey.

Panel Discussion

After the address by Bala Sir and all the Directors who graced the occasion, the evening gave way to a panel discussion. The panel members, the host for the evening, and the audience all comprised alumni.

The vibrant host of the evening: Jatin Arora, batch of 2010-12, Marketing Manager at Pernod Ricard

Panel Discussion: For the alumni, from the alumni, by the alumni, Panellists, L to R: Deepak Rai (‎Manager, CRM Process Improvement - ‎Al-Futtaim Group Automotive), Nidhi Jha (Channel Account Manager at Dell), Jai Singh (Entrepreneur), Anurag Tyagi (Vice President and Head - Real Estate at Morgan Stanley), Brijesh Kumar Singh (Regional Head – South, Forbes (Digital 18 Media))

The main purpose of the panel discussion was to help younger alumni understand career challenges and possibly show a path towards corporate success. The panellists included SBS alumni who have a long running experience in corporate sector. Deepak Rai (‎Manager, CRM Process Improvement - ‎Al-Futtaim Group Automotive), Anurag Tyagi (Vice President and Head - Real Estate at Morgan Stanley), Jai Singh (Entrepreneur), Brijesh K Singh (Regional Head – South, Forbes (Digital 18 Media)), and Nidhi Jha (Channel Account Manager at Dell)

As they tried to untangle some of the myths surrounding the corporate sector and life paths through various jobs to success, they shared their experience on the part, life events and even family background, play in shaping one’s career progression. While including each one of the stories can make for an interesting reading, for lack of space and time we thought of sharing Deepak Rai’s story of success.

As Deepak passionately shared his journey on how with the right guidance and help at the right time, an aspiring student, can progress on the path ahead. An alumnus from one of the earliest batches of SBS, 1999-2001, Deepak was one of the first few students who was awarded scholarship by the honourable Founder Bala Sir. Bala Sir reminisced how in the GD and PI, Deepak had stood out and got a thumbs up from him. Thereafter doing extremely well during the Dilip Bam presentation, he was declared the First President of Students’ Council of Sri Balaji Society. Having gauged the potential to rise and shine, the Guru not only gave a fee waiver to Deepak owing to his financially weak background, but also mentored him through his PGDM milestones. Deepak too, being the Arjun that Guru Drona was looking for, made the most of the mentorship and the opportunities given to him and bagged three campus placement offers and joined the campus offer from Tata Technologies where, due to the knowledge and mentorship gained at SBS, and his sheer dedication and hard work, he inched his way ahead and landed up as an independent consultant in the USA within 3.5 years. One thing led to another and the rest is a wonderful history. So for Deepak, his alma mater, and his mentor Bala Sir played a vital role in shaping his career just as did his own efforts and ability to make use of inputs that came along the way. After all, not everyone who was given these inputs has achieved the same heights!

Deepak Rai, Guru Bala’s Arjun

Moving further, the panelists answered questions on the right time for changing jobs, or starting their own enterprise. In either case, you know it’s time to go ahead with that new job offer or with that idea to start a new enterprise when you have a plan B to fall back on.

Workshop by P S Rathore: Time to shake up some energy

The panel discussion was followed by an energy packed workshop by Prof P S Rathore who shared some simple physical activities that help generate vigor and energy in body, and can help alleviate pains and illnesses. These simple exercises infused so much energy into our alumni that they waltzed on shattered glass without a grimace. The hall buzzed with music, dance, and energetic auras for rest of the evening and came to an end with food and drinks. The event, solely organized by the alumni, was made memorable by the presence of alumni, Bala Sir and the Directors alike.

Prof P S Rathore infusing energy in the audience

L To R : 1)Treading new paths has never been this easy! 2) Yes, You can do it! 3) Yes! I did it. The ground beneath me never felt so good!

A future Balajian in the making

Alumni Corporate Citizen Conclave - Delhi NCR

If alumni in Bangalore reminisced the good old days, can Delhites be far behind?

The Delhi Chapter of Alumni Meet 2017 came to life on 16th September. The warmth of companionship and recollection of memories pervaded the air of The Claremont Hotel, Delhi NCR. The bonds they shared, the times they spent together, the bills they shared, the fights they had, all came back to them in a flash. With all these recollections of the SBS days, the evening took off here too, with lighting of the lamp. The absence of beloved Bala sir was woeful but his blessings, love, and teachings have always remained with us and will be persistent forever.

Alumni Meet-Delhi Chapter

The Auspicious Beginning

The Delhi chapter like Bangalore, hosted a panel discussion the difference here being that this was not a discussion by the alumni, for the alumni, and from the alumni. Rather, the panel members were eminent industry leaders who chose to be their own boss and set up their enterprise. The panelist included corporate doyens from the industry - Mr. Pankaj Dubey, MD, Polaris India and Mr. Rahul Goyal MD & GM, ADP India.

Panel Discussion in progress L to R: Deepak Rai, Pankaj Dubey - MD, Polaris India, Rahul Goyal - MD & GM, ADP India

The panel discussion focused on the impact of digitization and automation at work place and future of work in India. Sharing his opinion on the same, Mr. Goyal said, “Too much technology reduces human interaction which can adversely affect the quality of work”. Hence, though digitization can streamline some processes, a balance should be struck between manual and digitized processes. Mr. Dubey emphatically stressed upon the need of the hour for the youth of India to bring India back to its Golden Days – Sone Ki Chidiya. Both panelists shared personal and professional insights to help provide Alumni community a broad brush strokes to plan for career progression and work in the present.

A Scintillating Dance Performance by Piyush Malhotra Dance Studio

To make the evening rendezvous even more memorable and bring back the focus on some fun activity, the discussion was followed by a dance performance by the famous dance group - Piyush Malhotra Dance Studio who not only entertained but also made everyone present, shake their leg to Bollywood tunes. This helped break the ice between the Directors and the Alumni of SBS.

From L To R : 1)Piyush Malhotra Dance Studio in performance 2) Alumni and Directors shake a leg with Piyush

The evening progressed with dance, music, laughter and nostalgia and came to an end with food and drinks. The event, solely organized by alumni for alumni, helped create memories and shared experiences that will be cherished forever – leaving all those who attended asking for more of the get Alumni meets – to further Connect – Network – Share – Grow.

Alumni enjoy the evening

The last time we danced together, it was on the hostel grounds