“Baabul ki duaen leti ja, ja tujhako sukhi sansaar mile. Maike ki kabhi n yaad ae, sasuraal men itana pyaar mile” These lines, composed by Sahir Ludhianvi for the movie, Neelkamal are apt for a student’s “bidaai” from his alma mater (Sri Balaji Society) as he or she leaves for his “Sasuraal” (The companies they were placed in). However, this departure extends only to the body for their hearts will always remain in the society as it was and remains their ‘second home’ where they learnt and grew into assets and value generators for their companies.

Achievement day

‘Achievement day’ is the name given to the farewell party organized by the respective institutes for their students in the society, to celebrate their student’s last day as students in the society before they leave for their respective cities to join their respective companies. It is an evening of fun, revelry, good entertainment and of course, celebration of achievement wherein the students are given their offer letters/appointment letters at the hands of our beloved Bala Sir.

College life is the best two years of one’s life

College life is the best two years of one’s life. Company of friends, good natured and humorous pranks and mischief and learning the lessons of life. It is the best. Therefore the juniors and the institute and society personnel leave no stone unturned and spare no expense in giving their seniors, the best evening of their student lives in the society.

A night of entertainment and fun

A night of entertainment, on-the-stage performances, humorous interludes and many more is what is delivered in this party. Each institute had arranged its party around a central theme, namely: Oscars, under the sea, Hakuna Matata and life in Egypt. The entertainment and revelry were based around this central theme.

The taste of achievement is spiced with flavors of joy and gratitude

The feeling of joy and gratitude that comes within one’s self cannot be described in words, when one receives one’s letter of appointment/job offer in the presence of one’s friends and acquaintances, at the hands of our beloved Bala Sir. This moment is what one came here, to the society for, for it represents the sum total of two years of effort and sacrifice. Truly it is said that the fruit of success tastes best when one works hard and smart to tend it in the orchard of life.

After hungering for success, achievement truly feels good

The true ‘feel’ of achievement came at the end of the evening when an array of dishes from various parts of india were served to the attendees creating a sense of euphoria mixed with the spice of hope as friends stay friends forever, Inspite of the fact that they will be separated from a distance of few hundred to thousand kilometers as distance is for the body and not for the mind. With a promise to ‘meet again’ on the day of the Convention, the students took their leave from the society, physically as their hearts will stay here forever.

Watch a few glimpses of the Achievement day event here:

Balaji Institute of Modern Management

Balaji Institute of Telecom Management

Balaji Institute of International Business

Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resources Development

A helmet a day, keeps death at bay, this is what Balaji says!

Sri Balaji Society is one of the premier B-Schools of India. One unique thing that causes it to stand apart is the society’s insistence and demand for its students, faculty members and other personnel to wear ‘helmets’ while driving or riding a two wheeler in and out from the society’s campus grounds.

The head is called ‘the head’ because it controls the body. Without it, we would not be able to see, hear, feel, eat, drink, listen and speak. Further, the society insists that only ‘ISI’ (Indian Standards Institute) mark helmets be worn by the riders as a good helmet (ISI Mark approved) not only protects the head, it also enables the wearer to survive an accident, to ride or walk again, another day. There are hundreds of helmets available for sale today. Few are expensive, some are economically priced while the rest are available at affordable rates.

However, an ISI marked helmet is better than a non ISI mark Helmet as the former has been tested and approved, whereas the latter might be not. One will get a number of statistics related to accidental death, by running a search string on Google, wherein the victims were not wearing a helmet or were wearing a non ISI marked helmet.

Thanks to its network of the watch and ward personnel and CCTV cameras, “offenders” are caught and fined, for their criminal negligence of not protecting their head while driving into and out of the society, and are made to write ‘I will wear a helmet while driving a two wheeler’ on two sheets of A4 Size paper. Also, much effort has been made to inform the people in the society, why a helmet should be worn and what benefits are gained from it. The value of one’s head is proportionate to the quality of one’s helmet.