Sri Balaji Society, Pune provides career specific contemporary education with a strong emphasis on practical training and overall development of the students.
Our Institutes
All the courses of our management institutes are approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India and granted the status of 'Equivalent to MBA by Association of Indian Universities (AIU)' | Balaji Law College is approved by Bar Council of India, Affiliated to University of Pune & Recognised by Govt. of Maharashtra. | BCACS is affiliated to University of Pune, Recognised by Govt. of Maharashtra & BJCACS is affiliated to the Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune Division Board and Approved by the Govt. of Maharashtra.
B School in India.


The track record for the batches 2003-2005 to 2014-2016

Note: The links indicate the name and company at the time of campus placement. They don’t reflect where they have moved subsequently over the period of time.

S. No. Institute Name Name  Company Name
1 BITM Pulkit Jain 6D Technologies
2 BIMHRD Suraj Singh Accelya Kale Solutions Limited
3 BITM Prachi Vilas Deote Accelya Kale Solutions Limited
5 BIMHRD Diksha Arora Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
6 BIMHRD Vishal Thakur Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
7 BIMM Sheffali Khandelwal Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
8 BIMM Shivam Dixit Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
9 BIMM Rahul Singh Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
10 BITM Ruchika Priya Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
11 BITM Nitin Joshi Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
12 BITM Gaurav Kumar Bid Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
13 BITM Yogita Verma Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Madura Fashion)
14 BIIB  Debabrata Panda  Aditya Birla Finance Ltd
15 BIMM Soumya Nema   Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
16 BIMM Aurin Grover Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
17 BIMM Rajat Parbhakar Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
18 BIMM Vartika Jayaswal Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
19 BIMM Aparajita Malik Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
20 BIMM Vartika Guru Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
21 BIMM Runjhun Kumari Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
22 BIMM Surbhi Bhargava Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
23 BIMM Utpala Ghosh Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
24 BIMHRD Shantanu Patil Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.
25 BIMHRD Atul Chandok Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.
26 BIMM Vinaya Sandhu   ADM Agro Industries India Pvt Ltd  
27 BIMM Niraj Dindayalsingh Rajput AGC Networks
28 BIMM Remya R AGC Networks
29 BITM Avtar Singh Deval AGC Networks
30 BIIB  Sumit Diwan All Cargo Logistics Ltd
31 BITM Raihan K All Cargo Ltd
32 BIMHRD Sadhika Balasubramanian Amazon India P Ltd
33 BIMM Manisha Mazumder Amazon India P Ltd
34 BIIB Gaurav Gupta Amura Marketing Technologies
35 BIIB Sneha Ingle  Amura Marketing Technologies
36 BIMHRD Ipsita Banerjee AMW Auto Components ltd
37 BIMHRD Keshav Aptech Pvt. Ltd.
38 BIMHRD Nirali Shah Aptech Pvt. Ltd.
39 BIMM Annie Deka   Aptech Pvt. Ltd.
40 BIMM Aisha Kohli Aptech Pvt. Ltd.
41 BITM Neha Upadhyay Aptech Pvt. Ltd.
42 BITM Aditya Giriya Aptech Pvt. Ltd.
43 BIIB Koli Neha Rajendra  Aptech Pvt. Ltd.
44 BIIB Rupa Gupta  Aptech Pvt. Ltd.
45 BIMHRD Nirmesh Singh Asain Paints Ltd 
46 BIIB Akshay Dnyaneshwar Shelar Asian Paints Ltd
47 BIIB  Rajat Kathuria  Avankia LLC
48 BIMM Vivek Singbal Avankia Software P Ltd
49 BIMHRD Anirban Purkayastha Avankia Software Pvt Ltd.
50 BIMM Sai Sankar Pattanaik Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd
51 BIMM Aman Kumar Singh Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd
52 BIMM Aarushi Upadhyay Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd
53 BIMM Neha Kumar Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd
54 BIIB Chetan Rachh  Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd
55 BIIB Reena Chauhan  Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd
56 BIIB V. Giridhar Prabhu  Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co Ltd
57 BIMHRD Vikram Pawar Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
58 BIMHRD Poorvi Gupta Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
59 BIMM Himakshi Kaushik   Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
60 BIMM Anvesh Sharma Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
61 BIMM Ayush Agarwal Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
62 BIMM Vinshi Chandok Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
63 BIMM Grusha Saluja   Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
64 BIMM Ankita Panjwani Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
65 BIMM Deepak Kumar Dhanotiya Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
66 BIMM Shubhra Shekhar Tiwari Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd
67 BIMHRD Trishala Motwani Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.
68 BIIB Akhilesh Gupta Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
69 BIIB Pawar Akshay Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
70 BIMHRD Pallav Sharma Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
71 BIMM Parag Namdeo Surkar Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
72 BIMM Surbhi Kamble Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
73 BIIB Richa Sahni  Bajaj Finserv Limited
74 BIIB Milesh Nowal Bajaj Finserv Limited
75 BIIB Harsh Arora  Bajaj Finserv Limited
76 BIMHRD Dhara Soni Bajaj Finserv Limited
77 BIMHRD Ravneet Kaur Bajaj Finserv Limited
78 BIMHRD Sayed Azhar Aejaz Bajaj Finserv Limited
79 BIMHRD Ruchir D.Talathi  Bajaj Finserv Limited
80 BIMHRD Amarjeet Kumar Mahto Bajaj Finserv Limited
81 BIMM Celestine Ashwin Bajaj Finserv Limited
82 BIMM Prakhar Vijaywargiya   Bajaj Finserv Limited
83 BIMM Mahendra Kumar K Bajaj Finserv Limited
84 BIMM Bhuvan I Kumar Bajaj Finserv Limited
85 BIMM Subhramalya Kundu Bajaj Finserv Limited
86 BIMM Naba Ishrat Bajaj Finserv Limited
87 BITM Rajat Jaswal Bajaj Finserv Limited
88 BITM Deepak Tewari Bharat Finance Inclusions Ltd. 
89 BIMHRD Astha  Jain Bharti Axa General Insurance Co. Ltd
90 BIIB Shreshi  Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd
91 BIIB Umang Gupta  Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd
92 BIMHRD Vishal Sharma Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd
93 BITM Pooja Mehta Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd
94 BITM Vaishali Baijal Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd
95 BIMM Tanveen Kaur Bedi   Bluestar Ltd
96 BIMHRD Anshul Soni Capgemini Inc
97 BIMHRD Rajul Jain Capgemini Inc
98 BIMM Preksha Jain Capgemini Inc
99 BIMHRD Rohit Menaria Carnival Films Private Limited
100 BIMHRD Nishi Jyoti Das Car-OK
101 BITM Sahil Ranjan Car-OK
102 BITM Piyusha Ghodmare Car-OK
103 BIIB Shah Drashti Timir  CavinKare Ltd
104 BIMM Romel Kumar CavinKare Ltd
105 BIMM Rishabh Arora CavinKare Ltd
106 BIMM Rony Thomas Raju CavinKare Ltd
107 BITM Kamta Nath Trivedi CavinKare Ltd
108 BIIB  Pradeep Kumar Verma Centaurus Financial Services
109 BIIB  Ashish Pande Centaurus Financial Services
110 BIIB  Mayuresh Jha  Centaurus Financial Services
111 BIMHRD Chhavi Lahoti   Centaurus Financial Services
112 BITM Rimu Agrawal Centaurus Financial Services
113 BITM Rahul Kumar Centaurus Financial Services
114 BIMHRD Vineeta Kumari CGI Group Inc.
115 BIMHRD Apeksha  Adhikar CGI Group Inc.
116 BIMHRD Vaishali Angural CGI Group Inc.
117 BIMHRD Ankita Sinha CGI Group Inc.
118 BIMHRD Darshana Ekbote CGI Group Inc.
119 BIMM Harsha Tiwari CGI Group Inc.
120 BIMM Ajinkya Bonde CGI Group Inc.
121 BIMM Shruti Wakhale CGI Group Inc.
122 BIMM Sk Md Saheen CGI Group Inc.
123 BIMM Saptarshi Das CGI Group Inc.
124 BIMM Juilee Liladhar Narkhede CGI Group Inc.
125 BIMM Pearl Agrawal CGI Group Inc.
126 BIMM Divyakant Sharma CGI Group Inc.
127 BIMM G Sanjana   CGI Group Inc.
128 BITM Mahendra Pardeshi CGI Group Inc.
129 BITM Saurabh Kumar Shukla CGI Group Inc.
130 BIMHRD Manish Singh Jadho City Bank
131 BIMHRD Salil Nadkarni CoCubes Technologies Private Limited
132 BIMHRD Anurag Mishra Coffee Day Beverages
133 BIMHRD Rishabh Gupta Coffee Day Beverages
134 BIMHRD Saurav Goswami   Coffee Day Beverages
135 BIMM Koyal Samanta Colpal Global Business Ltd
136 BIMM Grishma Mahadeo Wanjari Colpal Global Business Ltd
137 BIMHRD Sana Shaikh Convergys
138 BIMM Shivika Vaid CRISIL
139 BIMM Sandip Kumar Singh   CRISIL
140 BIMM Mansi Jhamb CRISIL
141 BIIB Riddhi Patel  CRISIL 
142 BIMM Shriya Agnihotri Cummins India Ltd
143 BIMM Nikita Jain   Dainik Bhaskar 
144 BIMHRD Shashikala   Decathlon Sports India
145 BITM Anamika Singh Decathlon Sports India
146 BIMM Paulami Chanda Dell India P Ltd
147 BIIB Supriya Koshta  Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
148 BIIB Astha Prakash  Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
149 BIMHRD Keshav Bajaj Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
150 BIMHRD Akanksha Pandey Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
151 BIMHRD Katyayani Kripaj Pandey Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
152 BIMM Nupur Keluskar Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
153 BIMM Priyadarshni Kumari Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
154 BIMM Ankita Khandelwal Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
155 BIMM Reva Shree Baniya Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
156 BIMM Caroline Jacob Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
157 BIIB Ritika Mehrotra  Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
158 BIMM Kumar Gaurav Doehler India Pvt. Ltd.
159 BIMM Kankana Borah DTDC Ltd
160 BITM Surbhi Singh E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd
161 BITM Riya Ahuja eCentricHR Solutions Pvt Ltd
162 BITM Mampi Das eCentricHR Solutions Pvt Ltd
163 BITM Paramveer Singh Lamba eCentricHR Solutions Pvt Ltd
164 BITM Vivek Singh eCentricHR Solutions Pvt Ltd
165 BITM Hemantsingh Bhadoria eCentricHR Solutions Pvt Ltd
166 BITM Aprajita Khanna eCentricHR Solutions Pvt Ltd
167 BITM Shruti S Kulkarni eCentricHR Solutions Pvt Ltd
168 BIIB Sujata Anand  Edelweiss Broking Limited 
169 BIIB Neha Joshi  Edelweiss Broking Limited 
170 BIIB Pooja Duseja  Edelweiss Broking Limited 
171 BIIB Kanishka Bansal  Edelweiss Financial Services
172 BIMHRD Isha Akhairamka Edelweiss Financial Services
173 BIMHRD Umang Poddar Edelweiss Financial Services
174 BIMHRD Pooja Bhatt Edelweiss Financial Services
175 BITM T.S.Suryan Edelweiss Financial Services
176 BITM Bhawnesh Kumar Kaushik Edelweiss Financial Services
177 BITM Mayur M Talwekar Edelweiss Financial Services
178 BIMM Ayush Ritolia Emami Agrotech Ltd
179 BIIB  Astha Soni  Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
180 BIIB  Prashant Kumar  Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
181 BITM Rohit Rajkumar Jadhav Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
182 BIIB Ayush Agrawal  Endeavor Careers Pvt Ltd
183 BIMHRD Priyanka Rana   Eureka Forbes Limited
184 BIIB Shantum Gupta Eureka Forbes Limited
185 BITM Divyanshu Saraswat Eureka Forbes Limited
186 BIIB Anukriti Pandey  Evalueserve Ltd
187 BIIB Svsns Ajay Guptha Dogiparthi Evalueserve Ltd
188 BIIB Mugdha Trivedy Evalueserve Ltd
189 BIIB Sanya Khurana  Evalueserve Ltd
190 BIIB Shifali Devwangan   Evalueserve Ltd
191 BIIB Shruti Singh  Evalueserve Ltd
192 BIIB T. Sudharani  Evalueserve Ltd
193 BIMHRD Ritesh Kumar  Evalueserve Ltd
194 BIMM Ajay Singh Evalueserve Ltd
195 BIMM Gautam Verma Evalueserve Ltd
196 BITM Harshika Evalueserve Ltd
197 BITM Milmile Sumit Prabhakar Evalueserve Ltd
198 BITM Munmoon Ghosh Evalueserve Ltd
199 BITM Vijay Kumar Yadav Evalueserve Ltd
200 BITM Mayuri Jitendra Kasat Evalueserve Ltd
201 BIMM Pallavi Dafre Federal Bank Ltd
202 BIIB Sankalp Bhagat  Federal Bank Ltd
203 BIMM Shubhangi  Rathore Federal Bank Ltd
204 BIMM Puneet Prabhakant Tiwari Federal Bank Ltd
205 BIMM Prachi Sankhla Federal Bank Ltd
206 BIMM Aishwarya Jain FEV India Ltd
207 BIMHRD Akshita Singla Field Fresh Foods Ltd
208 BITM Mohak Trivedi Field Fresh Foods Ltd
209 BIIB Vivek Kaduskar Financial Hospital 
210 BITM Uday Tamrakar Fiorano Software
211 BITM Sayali Ashok Ingle Fly TXT
212 BIMM Aparna Kashyap Frost & Sullivan
213 BITM Tushar Chate Frost & Sullivan
214 BITM Shashank Sharma Frost & Sullivan
215 BIMM Yogesh Kumar Barange Future Group
216 BITM Devendra Dhakad Future Group 
217 BIMM Parag Talesara GD Research Center Pvt. Limited 
218 BIIB  Anushree Roy GD Research Center Pvt. Limited 
219 BIIB  Lakmi Swain GD Research Center Pvt. Limited 
220 BIIB  Surbhi Das GD Research Center Pvt. Limited 
221 BITM Ms. Shorbani Ghosh GD Research Center Pvt. Limited 
222 BIIB Payal Vartak Genesis Colors Ltd.
223 BITM Shikha Chouhan Genesis Colors Ltd.
224 BIIB Pranali Pradeep Ghag  GEP Worldwide
225 BIIB Nivedita Ashok Kumar GEP Worldwide
226 BIMHRD Warrier Rahul Mohanan GEP Worldwide
227 BIMM Swagata Kalita GEP Worldwide
228 BIMM Vaishali Bahl GEP Worldwide
229 BITM Shubham Singh Rathore GEP Worldwide
230 BITM Siddharth Pathak GEP Worldwide
231 BITM Rudranibha Choudhury GEP Worldwide
232 BITM Arindam Gupta GEP Worldwide
233 BITM Samriddhi Shrivastava GEP Worldwide
234 BITM Ayush Bhuwalka GIC Housing Finance Limited 
235 BIIB Dharminder Singh Rawat GIC Housing Finance Limited 
236 BIIB Uddeshya Barjatya  GIC Housing Finance Limited 
237 BIMM Pushpita Dutta Global Cloud Xchange
238 BITM Akash Bagawade Global Cloud Xchange
239 BITM Shubhayu Yadav Global Cloud Xchange
240 BITM Tejaswini Ninawe Global Telesystems Ltd
241 BIIB Shivank Singh  Globe IT Solutions
242 BITM Ratin Sethi Globe IT Solutions
243 BIIB Partho Chattopadhyay Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd
244 BIMHRD Deepika Kumari   Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
245 BIMM Aman Verma Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
246 BIMM Vivek Giri Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
247 BIMHRD Aishwary Deshmukh Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd. 
248 BIMHRD Ankit Pradeep Parakh Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
249 BIMHRD Bireshwar  Roy Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.
250 BITM Arbind Yadav Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.
251 BITM Shrawan Kumar Hager India Ltd
252 BIIB Yash Gandhi HCL Technologies Ltd.
253 BIIB Khushboo Jain  HCL Technologies Ltd.
254 BIMHRD Pv Kamesh HCL Technologies Ltd.
255 BIMHRD Prithviraj Sambre HCL Technologies Ltd.
256 BIMHRD Ritu Sharma HCL Technologies Ltd.
257 BIMHRD V Vinay Raj Kumar HCL Technologies Ltd.
258 BIMHRD Dawn John HCL Technologies Ltd.
259 BIMHRD Gaurav Kumar HCL Technologies Ltd.
260 BIMHRD Abhijeet Deokate HCL Technologies Ltd.
261 BIMM Himanshu Gaur HCL Technologies Ltd.
262 BIMM Prashant Lalwani HCL Technologies Ltd.
263 BIMM Sumit Mandal HCL Technologies Ltd.
264 BIMM Paridhi Pandey HCL Technologies Ltd.
265 BIMM Shivangi Srivastava HCL Technologies Ltd.
266 BIMM Abhinav Jain HCL Technologies Ltd.
267 BIMM Ankita Sharma HCL Technologies Ltd.
268 BIMM Akshay Anand Joshi   HCL Technologies Ltd.
269 BIMM Apoorva Tiwari HCL Technologies Ltd.
270 BIMM Abhishek Kumar Kashyap HCL Technologies Ltd.
271 BITM Pooja Patial HCL Technologies Ltd.
272 BITM Ankita Shandilya HCL Technologies Ltd.
273 BITM Anupama Gawai HCL Technologies Ltd.
274 BITM Shweta Popat Mulay HCL Technologies Ltd.
275 BIIB Neha Kumari  HDFC Asset Management Ltd
276 BIIB Diksha Dubey  HDFC Asset Management Ltd
277 BIIB Vennapusa V. H. Sadananda Reddy  HDFC Asset Management Ltd
278 BIIB Shubhendu Tiwari  HDFC Asset Management Ltd
279 BIMHRD Vaishali Desoria HDFC Asset Management Ltd
280 BIMM Prachi   HDFC Asset Management Ltd
281 BIIB Tarun Madhwani  HDFC Bank Ltd
282 BIIB Sagar Wadhwa  HDFC Bank Ltd
283 BIIB Siddharth Tiwari  HDFC Bank Ltd
284 BIMHRD Sumati Bahri HDFC Bank Ltd
285 BIMHRD Kapil Kale HDFC Bank Ltd
286 BIMHRD Mukti Shree Jain HDFC Bank Ltd
287 BIMHRD Rahul Jajoo HDFC Bank Ltd
288 BIMHRD Sayali Keshavrao Chitriv HDFC Bank Ltd
289 BIMHRD Abhay Kumar  HDFC Bank Ltd
290 BIMHRD Aparna Preeyam HDFC Bank Ltd
291 BIMHRD Supriya Anand HDFC Bank Ltd
292 BIMM Arpit Wani HDFC Bank Ltd
293 BIMM Swetalinlima Das HDFC Bank Ltd
294 BIMM Suraj Mahesh Mishra HDFC Bank Ltd
295 BIMM Sumit Chadha HDFC Bank Ltd
296 BITM Akshay Jain  HDFC Bank Ltd
297 BITM Akshay Dwivedi  HDFC Bank Ltd
298 BITM Sahil Malhotra HDFC Bank Ltd
299 BIIB  Rhythum Agrawal Hidesign
300 BIMM Rahul C M HIL Ltd
301 BIIB Tanushree Sinha Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd
302 BIMHRD Tanna Raviraj Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd
303 BIMHRD Shubham Parwal Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd
304 BIMHRD Pulkit Pandey Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd
305 BIMHRD Manpreet Singh Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd
306 BIMHRD Piyush More Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd
307 BIMM Pallavi Porwal Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd
308 BIMM Khemani Krutika Kanaiya
309 BIMM Soumosmita Ghosh Honda Cars India Limited
310 BIMM Tushar Pagar Huhtamaki – PPL Ltd
311 BIMHRD Sweta Choudhary Hyundai Motor India Limited
312 BIMHRD Prateek Sukhija Hyundai Motor India Limited
313 BIMHRD Kaushik Manindranath Biswas Hyundai Motor India Limited
314 BIIB Prasanna Sant  ICICI Bank Ltd
315 BIIB Rahul Kalwani  ICICI Bank Ltd
316 BIIB Devang Bharat Rajgor  ICICI Bank Ltd
317 BIIB Vatsal Vithalani  ICICI Bank Ltd
318 BIIB Ankit Agarwal  ICICI Bank Ltd
319 BIIB Chaman Chawla  ICICI Bank Ltd
320 BIIB Lakshit Tayal  ICICI Bank Ltd
321 BIIB Shivani Mishra  ICICI Bank Ltd
322 BIMHRD Abhishek Kumar Sah ICICI Bank Ltd
323 BIMHRD Deepak Kumar Paryani ICICI Bank Ltd
324 BIMHRD K P Guruprasad ICICI Bank Ltd
325 BIMHRD Nilanjana Chouradia Jain ICICI Bank Ltd
326 BIMHRD Rishabh Mehta ICICI Bank Ltd
327 BIMHRD Subhajit Sarkar ICICI Bank Ltd
328 BIMHRD Sumeet Kumar Chatterjee ICICI Bank Ltd
329 BIMHRD Tulika Goyal ICICI Bank Ltd
330 BIMHRD Priyansh Shrivastava ICICI Bank Ltd
331 BIMHRD Roma  Kumari ICICI Bank Ltd
332 BIMHRD Sakshi Chauhan ICICI Bank Ltd
333 BIMHRD Jyoti Tiwari ICICI Bank Ltd
334 BIMHRD Prakhar Pathak ICICI Bank Ltd
335 BIMHRD Nandita Sharma  ICICI Bank Ltd
336 BIMM Riya Sanmukhani   ICICI Bank Ltd
337 BIMM Nakul Jasrotia ICICI Bank Ltd
338 BIMM Ayushi Jain ICICI Bank Ltd
339 BIMM Bhavana Singh ICICI Bank Ltd
340 BIMM Venkata Siva Kumar Arepalli ICICI Bank Ltd
341 BITM Nikita Kumari ICICI Bank Ltd
342 BIIB Aditya Bagri ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd
343 BIIB Ankit Kumar Singh  ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd
344 BIMM Karan Rijhwani ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd
345 BITM Maushumi Panigrahi ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd
346 BIIB Shubhi Gupta  ICICI Securities Limited
347 BITM Akshay Gangrade ICICI Securities Limited
348 BITM Rijul Dhar Roy ICICI Securities Limited
349 BIMHRD Sana Tabassum ICICI Securities Limited
350 BIMHRD Ayushi Gupta   ICICI Securities Limited
351 BIMM Arpit Dixit Idea Cellular Ltd
352 BIMM Siddharth Jain Idea Cellular Ltd
353 BIMM Vaibhav Biyani Idea Cellular Ltd
354 BITM Princecon Bera  Idea Cellular Ltd
355 BIIB Ruchi Punia  IFB Industries Ltd
356 BIMM Swati IFB Industries Ltd
357 BIIB Abhishek Hemrom IIM Jobs
358 BIIB  Varalika Thakur  Images Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.
359 BIIB Laveena Nathani Indus Towers Ltd
360 BIMM Joyita Roy   Indus Towers Ltd
361 BIMM Priyanka Gwal Indus Towers Ltd
362 BIMM Veerain Sahni Indus Towers Ltd
363 BIMM Aastha Paliwal Indus Towers Ltd
364 BITM Patil Siddhi Suresh Indus Towers Ltd
365 BIMHRD Heena Dashora IndusInd Bank Ltd.
366 BITM Anmol Sharma IndusInd Bank Ltd.
367 BITM Anuja Narkhede IndusInd Bank Ltd.
368 BITM Mahima Chawla IndusInd Bank Ltd.
369 BIIB Abhilasha Kumari IndusInd Bank Ltd.
370 BIMHRD Ramayan Pandey   IndusInd Bank Ltd.
371 BIMM Kamla Singh Industry ARC
372 BIIB  Satyendra Singh Parmar Industry Arc
373 BIMHRD Keerthy Radhakrishnan  Industry Arc
374 BIMM Rahul Rawal Infiniti Research Marketing Solutions India Pvt Ltd 
375 BITM Navita Yadav Infiniti Research Marketing Solutions India Pvt Ltd 
376 BIMM Priya Shukla Infosys Ltd
377 BIMM Nipjyoti Patgiri   Infosys Ltd
378 BIMM Arjun R Infosys Ltd
379 BIMM Nikhil Goyal Infosys Ltd
380 BIMM Harshita Nigam Infosys Ltd
381 BIMM Pankhi Bansal Infosys Ltd
382 BIMM Shreyas Doshi Infosys Ltd
383 BIMM Shivangi Gaur Inorbit Malls Pvt. Limited
384 BIMHRD Anjali Chaturvedi Inorbit Malls Pvt. Limited
385 BITM Shubham Sharma Intellicon
386 BITM Atul Khatri Intellicon
387 BITM Ashutosh Kushwaha Intellicon
388 BITM Trishant Priyadarshi Intellicon
389 BIIB Karan Kathayat  ITC Ltd
390 BIMHRD Vigneshwaran P Johnson & Johnson Ltd
391 BIMM Priyanka Agrawal Johnson & Johnson Ltd
392 BIMHRD Lipy Bisoyee Kantar IMRB
393 BIMM Piyush Manekar   Kantar IMRB
394 BIMM Tushima Raghuwanshi Karvy Group
395 BIMM Malvika Rathore Karvy Group
396 BIMM Namrata Kaushik Karvy Group
397 BIMM Rituraj Pati Karvy Group
398 BIMM Sonakshi Mehta Karvy Group
399 BIIB  Hiresh Gupta  Karvy Group 
400 BIIB  Pritika Wadhawan  Karvy Group 
401 BIMHRD Nikita Panigrahi Kotak Bank Ltd
402 BIMHRD Kishan Jaiswal Kotak Bank Ltd
403 BIMHRD Sandip Bishal Kotak Bank Ltd
404 BIMHRD Richa Giri Kotak Bank Ltd
405 BIMM Rahul Ranjan Kotak Bank Ltd
406 BIMM Sidharth Khadanga Kotak Bank Ltd
407 BIMM Tanushree Priyadarshinee Kotak Bank Ltd
408 BIMM Israni Monica Srichand Kotak Bank Ltd
409 BIIB Megha Barve  Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Co Ltd
410 BITM Abhineet Rai Nigam Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Co Ltd
411 BIMM Abhinav Tiwari Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Co Ltd
412 BIIB Ajay Raje Kuehne + Nagel Pvt. Ltd
413 BITM Tanvi Maurya Kumar Property Pvt. Ltd 
414 BITM  Rajshree Thakur Kumar Property Pvt. Ltd 
415 BITM Harsh Toshniwal Kumar Property Pvt. Ltd 
416 BITM Shantanu Singh Sengar Kumar Property Pvt. Ltd 
417 BIIB  Saurabh Mukharjee Kumar Property Pvt. Ltd 
418 BIIB  Shubham Dutta  Kumar Property Pvt. Ltd 
419 BIIB  Barkha Dubey   Kumar Property Pvt. Ltd 
420 BIMHRD Antra Gupta   Kyocera Documents Solution India pvt ltd
421 BIMHRD Anand Shekhar Singh   Kyocera Documents Solution India pvt ltd
422 BIIB Ayushi Tiwari Kyocera Documents Solutions India Pvt. Ltd
423 BITM Ashish C Hamirani L & T ECC Ltd
424 BIMHRD Prashant Kanse L & T ECC Ltd
425 BIMM Divya Momaya L & T ECC Ltd
426 BITM A Jagan L & T ECC Ltd
427 BITM Bhosale Vishal Ashokrao L & T ECC Ltd
428 BITM Nisha Choudhary L & T ECC Ltd
429 BITM Sakshi Rathore L & T ECC Ltd
430 BITM Shirke Deepak Devendra L & T ECC Ltd
431 BIMHRD Unnathi Rayaprolu L & T Infotech Ltd
432 BIMHRD Monica Garg L & T Infotech Ltd
433 BIMM Ruchika Singhal L & T Infotech Ltd
434 BIIB Minal Chopra  L&T Infotech Ltd
435 BIIB Vazarkar Nikhil Sunil  L&T Infotech Ltd
436 BIMM Iti Choubey Landmark Group
437 BIMM Shishank Raj Bhat Landmark Group
438 BITM Gautam Puranik Landmark Group
439 BITM Prachi Vishwakarma Landmark Group
440 BIIB  Mal Ravichand Netaichand  Landmark Group 
441 BIIB  Parash Dutta  Landmark Group 
442 BIIB  Ravi Kumar  Landmark Group 
443 BIIB Shikhar Trivedi  Liberty Videocon General Insurance
444 BIMHRD Salil Kishor Wankhade Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co Ltd
445 BIMHRD Vini Chawla   Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co Ltd
446 BIMHRD Arpitha V Pillai Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co Ltd
447 BITM Vatsala Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co Ltd
448 BIMM Isha Sharma Light Information Systems
449 BIMM Suchitra Raj Sachan Light Information Systems
450 BIMHRD Sumit Saxena Lodha Group
451 BIMM Prakash Arun Choudhary   Lodha Group
452 BIMM Ankita Sharad Lodha Group
453 BIIB Shreya Shrivastava Lodha Group 
454 BIIB Dhumal Sanskriti Santosh  Lodha Group 
455 BIMHRD Viral Mehta Lotte India Corporation
456 BIMHRD Rupsikha Nath Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
457 BIMHRD Ashish Singh   Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
458 BIMHRD Mansi Vijay Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
459 BIMM Pentareddy Sowmya Seles Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
460 BIMM Neeraj Kumar Thakur Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
461 BIMM Diksha Trivedi Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
462 BIMM Deeksha Monga   Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
463 BIMM Aravind A Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
464 BITM Neha Sharma Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
465 BIIB Vinay Kumar Pandey Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
466 BIIB Harish Gottiparthi  Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
467 BIIB Neha Raghuwanshi  Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
468 BIIB Lokendra Singh Rathore  Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
469 BIIB Debamita Bhattacharjee  Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited
470 BIMHRD Pakshal Rajendra Shah Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
471 BIMM Anuja Karandikar Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
472 BIMM Gagandeep Singh Sachdeva   Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
473 BIMM Gaurav Deshmukh Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd-Truck  & Bus Div
474 BIMHRD Aditya Singhi Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. - Truck and Bus
475 BIMM Tanya  Jain Markets & Markets
476 BIMM Srishti Saxena Markets & Markets
477 BIMM Ashutosh Mishra Markets & Markets
478 BIMM Jaideep Kamboj Markets & Markets
479 BIMM Akanksha Thite Markets & Markets
480 BIIB  Jayesh Vyas  Markets & Markets
481 BIMHRD Johncy Philip Edackamannil Markets & Markets 
482 BITM Arindam Kumar Markets & Markets 
483 BITM Deeksha A Tamhane Markets & Markets 
484 BITM Piyush Kumar Singh Markets & Markets 
485 BITM Sanket Bhansali Markets & Markets 
486 BITM Tata Surya Teja Markets & Markets 
487 BITM Amandeep Sihmar Markets & Markets 
488 BITM Purva Sharma Markets & Markets 
489 BITM Aashwin Rajiv Kurundkar Markets & Markets 
490 BITM Aniket A.Pathak Markets & Markets 
491 BITM Swapnil Nakade Markets & Markets 
492 BITM Rahul V Dhengale Markets & Markets 
493 BIMHRD Saurav Suman Markets&Markets
494 BIIB  Kartik Kalla MarketsandMarkets
495 BIIB  Ankit Singh  MarketsandMarkets
496 BITM Anand Barai Maximojo 
497 BIMHRD Sameer Singh Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
498 BIMHRD Sarabjeet Singh Gurudatta Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
499 BIMHRD Abhik Bhatia Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
500 BIMHRD Ganpati Abhishek Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
501 BIMHRD Lokesh Thakur Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
502 BIMM Amrita Sharma Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
503 BIMM Chesta Shringi Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
504 BIMM Subhasish Kumar Sarkar Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
505 BITM Aakash Sanyal Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
506 BITM Mohit Pandey Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd.
507 BIIB Shashi Shekhar  MSC Agency (I) Private Ltd
508 BIIB Rishi Dubey  MSC Agency (I) Private Ltd
509 BIIB Kamakshi Sharma MSC Agency (I) Private Ltd
510 BIMM Vivek Naik MSC Agency (I) Private Ltd
511 BITM Venkata Prasant Repaka MSC Agency (I) Private Ltd
512 BIMM Yamujala Satya Pramod   MyyShopp eCommerce Technologies Pvt. Ltd
513 BIMHRD Sumeet Kumar National Payment Corporation Of India (NPCI)
514 BIMHRD Meenu Sharma   National Payment Corporation Of India (NPCI)
515 BIMHRD Vibha Singh National Payment Corporation Of India (NPCI)
516 BIMM Madhulika Singh Thakur National Payment Corporation Of India (NPCI)
517 BIMHRD Deepshika Singh
518 BIMM Lakshya Nair
519 BITM Pushpendra Singh Neosym Industries Ltd
520 BITM Himanshu Sharma Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
521 BITM Varun Jain Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
522 BITM Akshay Arora Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
523 BITM Chetan Yadav Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
524 BITM Yogesh Jagrani Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
525 BITM Aayush Mittal Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
526 BITM Raghuveer Rao Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
527 BITM Nikhil Satam Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
528 BITM Sanchita Sen Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
529 BIIB Mukul Darji  Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
530 BIIB Anuj Pareek Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
531 BIIB Nidhi  Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
532 BIIB Robin Khokhar  Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
533 BIIB Kshitij Mishra  Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
534 BIMHRD Dasari.Goutham Kumar Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
535 BITM Rutvik B Panchal Novire Technologies 
536 BITM N.Sankar Novire Technologies 
537 BIMM Soumya Maru Odessa Technologies Ltd
538 BITM Mahesh Jagtap OPPO Mobiles MU Pvt. Ltd
539 BIMM Jadhav Shraddha Chandrashekhar Oracle Financial Services Ltd
540 BIMHRD Mona Saxena Orient Cements Ltd
541 BIMM Rupali R Chawdhari Orient Cements Ltd
542 BIMM Harshul Wadhwani   Orient Cements Ltd
543 BIMHRD Harshana Prasad ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited 
544 BIMM Kartik Koul Oxford University Press
545 BIMM Prabhat Kumar Singh Oxford University Press
546 BIMM Swati Singh Oxford University Press
547 BIMHRD Vandana Kumari Panasonic India Private Limited
548 BIMM Bhasha Manghani Panasonic India Private Limited
549 BIMM Deeplove Nagpal Panasonic India Private Limited
550 BIMM Taranpreet Sachdeva Panasonic India Private Limited
551 BIMM Preet Kaur Saluja Panasonic India Private Limited
552 BIIB Mrityunjay Trivedi Parle Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
553 BIIB Ketankumar Dudhe Parle Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
554 BITM Yajuvendra Singh Parle Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
555 BIMM Ajinkay Mohite Parle Technologies Ltd
556 BITM Siddhant Singh Paytm
557 BITM Manasi Pingle Paytm
558 BITM Naveen Kumar Saratkar Paytm
559 BIMM Ujjwal Kumar Singh Persistent Systems Ltd
560 BIMM Vikrant Singh Phillip Capital Ltd
561 BIMM Takbhate Ninad Aniruddha Phillip Capital Ltd
562 BIMHRD Rohit Vivarekar Piaggio Vehicles (India) Private Limited
563 BIIB Md Khursheed Khan Pidilite Industries Ltd
564 BIIB Arvind Kumar Preethi Kitchen Appliances
565 BIMHRD Aman Jaisinghani Preethi Kitchen Appliances Ltd
566 BITM Chodisetti Kasi Viswanadh Primus International
567 BIMM Sangeet Borah Promobi Technologies
568 BITM Sunil Patel
569 BITM Ketki Dorve
570 BIMM Chitrang Samar Pure Snacks P Ltd
571 BIMHRD Kratika Pandey Quess corp ltd
572 BIIB Khan Kamaal Hamidullah RAAS Affordable Housing India Ltd
573 BIMHRD Shubham Shrivastava RAAS Affordable Housing India Ltd
574 BIMHRD Nikita Mehta Radio Mirchi, Entertainment Network (India) Ltd
575 BITM Vaisak C Mohan Radio Mirchi, Entertainment Network (India) Ltd
576 BIMHRD Umesh Puranchandra Pandey Raymonds Ltd. 
577 BIMHRD Ankit Sharma Raymonds Ltd. 
578 BIMHRD Jayesh  Jain Raymonds Ltd. 
579 BITM Anubhav Choudhury Raymonds Ltd. 
580 BITM Suvinkumar Sasidharan Ch Reliance Communications Ltd
581 BIMM Baleboyina Nanda Kishore Yadav   Reliance General Insurance Co Ltd
582 BIMHRD Priyanka Verma Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.
583 BIMM Vandrangi Ashok   Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.
584 BIIB  Vikas Sahu  Reliance Home Finance
585 BIMHRD Anjali Pathak Reliance Home Finance Ltd
586 BIMHRD Mandar Bhadang Reliance Industries Limited
587 BIMHRD Sonam Pagare Reliance Industries Limited
588 BIMHRD Abhinav Bajpai Reliance Industries Limited
589 BIMHRD Prachi Babhulgaonkar Reliance Industries Limited
590 BIMHRD Ashutosh Agrawal Reliance Industries Limited
591 BIIB Dindure Chetan Jagannath  Reliance Retail Ltd
592 BIIB Bhagat Sahil Shrikant  Reliance Retail Ltd
593 BIIB Abhishek Guruwani  Reliance Retail Ltd
594 BIIB Animesh Gupta  Reliance Retail Ltd
595 BIMHRD Avijeet Chowdhury Reliance Retail Ltd
596 BIMHRD Keshav Prakash Garg Reliance Retail Ltd
597 BIMHRD Shivam Miglani Reliance Retail Ltd
598 BIMHRD Safeer Ahmed Khan Reliance Retail Ltd
599 BIMHRD Pranali Bharne Reliance Retail Ltd
600 BIMM Ch Abhishek Reliance Retail Ltd
601 BIMM Souraneer Bera Reliance Retail Ltd
602 BIMM Chawade Niket Rajkumar Reliance Retail Ltd
603 BIMM Prabhanshu Vishwakarma   Reliance Retail Ltd
604 BIMM Ayan Mandal Reliance Retail Ltd
605 BITM Aakarsh Jain Reliance Retail Ltd
606 BIIB Nikhil Maliwal  Retun On Web 
607 BITM Atharv A. Palherkar Retun On Web 
608 BIMHRD Shashank Pandey RML Agrotech Pvt Ltd.
609 BIMHRD Praveen Kumar Agrawal RML Agrotech Pvt Ltd.
610 BIMHRD Ajinkya Ravindra Wakil RML Agrotech Pvt Ltd.
611 BIMHRD Amir Raiyan Azmi RML Agrotech Pvt Ltd.
612   BITM Abhishek Panda RML Agtech Pvt Ltd.
613 BITM Ashish Jaisawal RML Agtech Pvt Ltd.
614 BITM Deepak Prajapati RML Agtech Pvt Ltd.
615 BIIB Samreen Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
616 BIIB Sarabjeet Singh  Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
617 BIMM Ayush Paliwal Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
618 BITM Kunal Kumar Sinha Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
619 BITM Mayank Panwar Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
620 BITM Jaya Choudhary Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
621 BITM Hiran V R Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
622 BIMHRD Tomson Samuel Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
623 BIMHRD Sourav Gupta Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
624 BIMHRD Altaf Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
625 BIMHRD Ayushi Baheti   Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt Ltd
626 BITM K Mathew Shilling Jose Route SMS
627 BITM P Sruti Reddy Route SMS
628 BIMM Raghav Jalani S & P Capital
629 BIMHRD Pooja Sagar   Saffron Broadcast And Media Ltd.
630 BIMM Akansha Gupta Sakal Media
631 BIIB  Raunak Heda  Sakal Media Gropup
632 BIMHRD Shivani Amidwar Sakal Media Group
633 BIIB  Gourab Deb SaleBuild IT Enabled Services Private Limited
634 BIIB  Priyank Ashok Mishra  SaleBuild IT Enabled Services Private Limited
635 BITM Krishan Gopal SaleBuild IT Enabled Services Private Limited
636 BITM Sanjay Jangu SaleBuild IT Enabled Services Private Limited
637 BIIB Rohit Ajit Namade Sany Heavy Industries Ltd
638 BIMHRD Varun Sasidharan Sany Heavy Industries Ltd
639 BIMHRD Aseem Anand Sany Heavy Industries Ltd
640 BIMHRD Parul Dave Sany Heavy Industries Ltd
641 BIIB  Vaishnavi Singh Saraplast India P Ltd
642 BITM Akriti Bhatt Saraplast India P Ltd
643 BIMM Shruthi Talwai Saraplast India P Ltd
644 BITM Vikram Kumar  Saraplast India P Ltd
645 BIIB  Ritesh Kumar Saraplast India P Ltd
646 BIMHRD Maitreyi Karn SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd
647 BIMHRD Abhishek Bhardwaj SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd
648 BIMM Sanchi Nagar   SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd
649 BIMM Mehdi Ali SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd
650 BIMM Neeshant Rana SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd
651 BIMM Arunima Sharma SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd
652 BIMHRD Archit Pamecha Schindler India Ltd
653 BITM Salman M Ahmed Selling Simplified 
654 BITM Aishwarya N Sawant Selling Simplified 
655 BIMHRD Pallavi Ramesh Khairkar Senseta Technologies
656 BIMHRD Sneha Gupta Sical Logistics Ltd
657 BIMM Shirsendu Banerjee Sical Logistics Ltd
658 BIMM Ankita Jain Sify Technologies Ltd.
659 BIIB Harshita Gupta Sify Technologies Ltd.
660 BITM Shridhar Pradip Sawant Sify Technologies Ltd.
661 BITM Sourav Ghosal Sify Technologies Ltd.
662 BITM Divya Tiwari Sify Technologies Ltd.
663 BIMHRD Ashish Raul  Skanem Interlabels Industries Ltd
664 BIMM Rashmi Prasad Skanem Interlabels Industries Ltd
665 BIIB Gamidi Santosh Venkatesh  Smollan Group
666 BIMM Mohini Jain Sonata Software
667 BIMM Sayyed Zeeshan Sonata Software Ltd
668 BIMM Anurag Gite   Sonata Software Ltd
669 BITM Sanket Gajanan Dabhole Spice Digital
670 BIIB  Ishaan Mukerjee Spice Digital
671 BIMM Devanshi Kataria Sproxil Brand Protection Solutions Private Limited
672 BIMM Suveni Tikoo Sproxil Brand Protection Solutions Private Limited
673 BIMHRD Jaya Jha State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
674 BIMHRD Tejinder Kaur Gulati State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
675 BIMHRD Dhairyasheel Deshmukh State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
676 BIMM Puja Rawal   State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
677 BIMM Mehak Jain State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
678 BIMM Mukul Talreja State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
679 BIMM Suvidha Sthapak State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
680 BIMM Bhawna Aggarwal State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
681 BIMM Aswathy R   State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
682 BIMM Subarna Banrjee State Street Syntel Services Pvt Ltd.
683 BIMM Sushant Arora STCI Primary Dealer Ltd
684 BIIB  Arnabjit Dey Sterling Holidays
685 BIIB  Saurabh Mathur Sterling Holidays
686 BITM Anshul Bansal Sterling Holidays
687 BITM Aakriti Dutt Sterling Holidays
688 BITM Neha Sanjay Sagar Sterling Holidays
689 BITM Sangeeta Ghosh Sterling Holidays
690 BITM Abhas Karkashe Sterling Holidays
691 BIIB  Mhatre Sumit Prabhakar  Sterling Holidays
692 BITM Binay Kumar Sterling Holidays
693 BITM Nandan Kumar Tripathi Sterling Holidays
694 BITM Anoma Damle  Subex Systems Ltd
695 BIIB  Vartika Kumari Jaiswal  Sunidhi Securities & Finance Ltd
696 BIMHRD Namrata Roy Sunidhi Securities P Ltd
697 BIIB Palash Pitroda  Suryoday Micro Finance Ltd
698 BIMM Surbhi Sachdev Suryoday Micro Finance Ltd
699 BIMM Ayush Sethia   Suryoday Micro Finance Ltd
700 BIMM Sucharita Rath Suryoday Micro Finance Ltd
701 BIMM Anu Bharti Suryoday Micro Finance Ltd
702 BITM Manav Ahuja Suryoday Micro Finance Ltd
703 BIMHRD Ghritachi Shastry Swastik Coal Corporation Ltd. 
704 BIMHRD Saurabh Kumar   TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd
705 BIMHRD Govind Kumar TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd
706 BIMHRD Himanshu Sharma   TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd
707 BIMM Joyful Lobo Minin Tata Autocomp Ltd
708 BIMHRD Pranjal Khalya   Tata ClassEdge
709 BIMHRD Jojin C Mathew Tata ClassEdge
710 BITM Hardil Bhatia Tata ClassEdge
711 BITM Amit Chaturvedi  Tata ClassEdge
712 BIIB Atharva Kulkarni Tata Technologies Ltd 
713 BIIB Soma Paul  Tata Technologies Ltd 
714 BIMHRD Ankita Singh  Tata Technologies Ltd.
715 BIMHRD Pooja Ganguly Tata Technologies Ltd.
716 BIMHRD Shikha Sharma  Tata Technologies Ltd.
717 BIMM Alka Agrawal Tata Technologies Ltd.
718 BIMM Akshay Bakliwal   Tata Technologies Ltd.
719 BIMM Nikita Rai Tata Technologies Ltd.
720 BIMM Riya Saswani Tata Technologies Ltd.
721 BIIB Patel Milan Maheshbhai  TCS Ltd
722 BIMHRD Shubham Jain TCS Ltd
723 BIMHRD Payal Barai  TCS Ltd
724 BIMM Bhagyashree Aras   TCS Ltd
725 BIMM Utkarsha Ambhorkar TCS Ltd
726 BIMM Aditi Saxena TCS Ltd
727 BIMM Abhishek Handa TCS Ltd
728 BIMM Sachin Vijay Deshmukh TCS Ltd
729 BIMM Aditya Sharma TCS Ltd
730 BIMM Shelke Prasad Vijaykumar TCS Ltd
731 BIMM Nikhil Sharma TCS Ltd
732 BIMM Mohd Danish Uddin TCS Ltd
733 BIMM Kunal Aggarwal TCS Ltd
734 BIMM Natwar Maheshwari   TCS Ltd
735 BIMM Vidhi Lamba TCS Ltd
736 BIMM Sachin Verma TCS Ltd
737 BIMM Puja Singh TCS Ltd
738 BITM Darshana Mahalle TCS Ltd
739 BITM Atul Shukla TCS Ltd
740 BIMM Parul Sangra   Tech Mahindra
741 BITM Hitesh Shamkant Shirsate Tech Mahindra
742 BITM Arpit Bhargava Tech Mahindra
743 BITM Gudipati Sairam Tech Mahindra
744 BIMM Lav Kurmi Tech Mahindra
745 BITM Anagha Saxena Tecnotree
746 BITM Pratiksha Mohan Naik Tecnotree
747 BITM Safawan Tajmohammed Tecnotree
748 BITM Anusha Jain Tecnotree
749 BITM Supriyo Roy Tecnotree
750 BITM Kevin Varghese Mathew The Association of Indian Forging Industry
751 BIMM Priyamvada Verma Think & Learn Pvt ltd. 
752 BIMM Palak Rathi Torrent Power Ltd
753 BITM Anadi Rishyashring Dwivedi Transworld
754 BIMHRD Varsha Bhingardive Transworld International
755 BIMHRD Sonakshi Jain Trust Group
756 BIMM Shakilur Rahaman TTK Prestige Ltd
757 BIIB Shakti Singh Mehta Tufropes Pvt Ltd
758 BIIB Vivek Tiwari  Tufropes Pvt Ltd
759 BIIB Dinesh Kumar  Tufropes Pvt Ltd
760 BITM Prateek Mohan Shrivastava Tufropes Pvt Ltd
761 BITM Kamrul Hossain Mondal Tufropes Pvt Ltd
762 BIMM Prem Prakash Tiwari TVS Motors India Ltd
763 BIMHRD Himanshu Pandey Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd
764 BIMM Jyoti Chandrawanshi Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd
765 BITM Lovely Saxena Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd
766 BIMM Sreeramula Sarath Chandra   Ultratech Cement Ltd
767 BIMM Swati Dubey Verity Knowledge Solutions
768 BIMM Gouri  Upadhyay Verity Knowledge Solutions
769 BIMHRD Anand Prakash Viraj Steel India Ltd
770 BIMM Abhik Das Viraj Steel India Ltd
771 BIMM Ketan Bhatt Viraj Steel India Ltd
772 BITM Rahul Sohoni Viraj Steel India Ltd
773 BITM Abhimanyu Bhardwaj Viraj Steel India Ltd
774 BITM Jitender Yadav Viraj Steel India Ltd
775 BITM Mohan Verma Viraj Steel India Ltd
776 BIIB  Manvi Khandelwal  Way2wealth Securities Pvt Ltd
777 BIIB  Srajan Jhindal  Way2wealth Securities Pvt Ltd
778 BIIB  Chirag Goyal WeiKFiELD Foods Pvt Ltd
779 BIMHRD Pratush Agarwal WeiKFiELD Foods Pvt Ltd
780 BIMHRD Nikhil Chaudhary Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Ltd
781 BIMHRD Ankur Bansal Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Ltd
782 BIMHRD Anmol Maliwal Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Ltd
783 BIMM Suneer Gupta Workstore Ltd
784 BIIB Satakshi  Writer Corporation
785 BIIB Sharan Shivangi Srishti Sanjay  Writer Corporation
786 BIIB Shourya Mishra  Writer Corporation
787 BIIB Kunal Thassu  Writer Corporation
788 BIMHRD Hitesh Tomar Writer Corporation
789 BIMHRD Sakshi Chourasia Writer Corporation
790 BIMM Baiju Vamankumar Mehta Writer Corporation
791 BITM Shubhra Lal Writer Corporation
792 BITM Nandani Writer Corporation
793 BIMM Vidya Dubey Yes Bank Ltd
794 BIMM Vikas Tiwari Yes Bank Ltd

International Business

Sl.No. Title Name of the Student Company Where Placed
1 Ms.  Akshata Agrawal Vodafone India Ltd 
2 Ms.  Anshu Dubey Hansa Cequity Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
3 Ms.  Bhanu Priya Patidar 3s India (Saraplast Pvt Ltd 
4 Ms.  Hardikar Mayuri Nitin Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL)
5 Ms.  Kriti Verma HCL Technologies Ltd
6 Ms.  Manisha Jhalani A.O. Smith India Water Products Pvt. Ltd.
7 Ms.  Neelima Kumari Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt
8 Ms.  Nisha Kumari Janalakshmi Financial Services (P) Ltd
9 Ms.  Pavithra. R Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG)
10 Ms.  Shilpa Kumari VBHC Value Homes Pvt Ltd
11 Ms.  Somya Jain Bajaj Finserv Limited
12 Ms.  Tanya Bhalla Karvy Stock Broking Ltd
13 Mr.  Aakash Singh Viraj Profiles Ltd 
14 Mr.  Ajinkya Tirthgirikar Hindustan Motor Finance Corporation Limited
15 Mr.  Amit Kumar Singh HCL Technologies Ltd
16 Mr.  Arjun K P Viraj Profiles Ltd 
17 Mr.  Chandranath Talukdar Contakt Tech Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd.
18 Mr.  Manish Singhal 3s India (Saraplast Pvt Ltd 
19 Mr.  Nagaonkar Abhijeet Ramesh Liftstyle International Pvt Ltd
20 Mr.  Prateek Jhawar PNB Housing Financial Ltd.
21 Mr.  Raj Singh AGS Transact Technologies Ltd
22 Mr.  Sameer Chaturvedi Indus Towers Ltd
23 Mr.  Sameer Shukla Flourish Pure Foods Pvt. Ltd. 
24 Mr.  Shantanu Shyam Kasture Liberty Videocon General Insurance 
25 Mr.  Shubham Joshi Kuehne + Nagel Pvt Ltd
26 Ms.  Nikita Singh Directi (Better World Technology Pvt Ltd)
27 Mr.  Rahul Gandhi Videocon Industries Ltd 
28 Mr.  Achint Borkar Videocon Industries Ltd 
29 Mr.  Akshay Verma Oracle Financial Sevices Software Ltd
30 Mr.  Aman Singh Rathor Just Dial Limited
31 Mr.  Panchbhai Sannidhya Prakash Panasonic India Private Limited 
32 Mr.  Pedamkar Abhishek Rajendra Tufropes Private Limited
33 Mr.  Piyush Atul Gundecha GEP Solutions Pvt Ltd 
34 Mr.  Prashant Gambhir Madura Fashion & Lifestyle
35 Mr.  Shantam Khandelwal Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetables Pvt Ltd
36 Mr.  Chirag Chandrapal Singh Videocon Industries Ltd 


Sl.No. Title Name of the Student Company Where Placed
1 Ms. Aditi Sinha Globe Teleservices 
2 Ms. Akanksha Jha Chillr
3 Ms. Ankita Kataria Mahindra Finance Pvt. Ltd.
4 Ms. Ayushi Rai Make My Trip 
5 Ms. Kamya Singh IIFL Premia
6 Ms. Megha Suri ICICI Bank Ltd
7 Ms. Nishi Raj ICICI Pru LIC 
8 Ms. Shaily Sinha Karvy Group
9 Ms. Shefali Diwan Janalakshmi Financial Services
10 Ms. Sweta Sinha Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd 
11 Ms. Yogita Heda Indus Towers Ltd
12 Mr. Abdul Danish Khan DCB Bank 
13 Mr. Adatiya Gaurav Dineshkumar Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd.
14 Mr. Akash Gupta Videocon Industries Ltd 
15 Mr. Akshay Shah Tata Tele Services
16 Mr. Akshay Sharma Videocon Industries Ltd 
17 Mr. Aman Kumar HCL Technologies
18 Mr. Ankit Dubey Bajaj Finserv Limited
19 Mr. Avi Sharma Videocon Industries Ltd 
20 Mr. Babariya Abhishek Chaturbhai Sresta Natural Bio Products Pvt
21 Mr. Faisal Fareed TM International Logistics Ltd
22 Mr. Gupta Subham Amit Videocon Industries Ltd 
23 Mr. Himadri Saha Sresta Natural Bio Products Pvt
24 Mr. Koora Bharathkumar Vastu Housing Finance Corporation Ltd 
25 Mr. Manish Shavarna Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd
26 Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Roy Madura Fashion & Lifestyle
27 Mr. Naidu Srinivasan Lakshminarayan Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Ltd
28 Mr. Nilotpal Ghosh Just Dial Limited
(own Placed)  
29 Mr. Nishant Henry Just Dial Limited
(own Placed)  
30 Mr. Pawar Pratik Kailash Videocon Industries Ltd 
31 Mr. Prakhar Vats Hindustan Motor Finance Corporation Limited
32 Mr. Rohan Bakshi Mother Dairy 
33 Mr. Rohit Soni ICICI Bank Ltd
34 Mr. Sachin Datt Sharma Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd 
35 Mr. Saurabh Gupta Mahindra Finance Pvt. Ltd.
36 Mr. Shukla Akash Kamlesh Business Octane India
37 Mr. Swapnil Shukla Metro Shoes Ltd.
38 Mr. Vipul Garg Reliance Retail Ltd 
39 Mr. Yashasvi Madura Fashion & Lifestyle
40 Mr. Prateek Julka Zoomcar
41 Ms. Megha Pardhi Sresta Natural Bio Products Pvt
42 Ms. Prerna Gaur Careers 360
43 Ms. Ritu Singh Globe Teleservices 
44 Ms. Akshata Awasthy IIFL Premia
45 Ms. Misty Roy Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL)
46 Mr. Amitesh Choudhury Sresta Natural Bio Products Pvt


Sl.No. Title Name of the Student Company Where Placed
1 Mr. Rohan Agarwal Yes Bank 
2 Mr. Chandrabhushan Prasad WEALOCITY 
3 Ms.  Abhivyakti Jain Verity Knowledge Solutions
4 Ms.  Nikita Singh Marwah Verity Knowledge Solutions
5 Mr. Niranjan Dhumale Verity Knowledge Solutions
6 Mr. M Vignesh Vastu Housing Finance Corporation Ltd 
7 Mr. Pankaj Virmani TATA Technologies 
8 Ms.  Jaya Jain Syntel
9 Ms.  Shristi Taneja Syntel
10 Ms.  Sweta Kumari Syntel
11 Mr. Sunny Khanna Syntel
12 Ms.  Sanjana Jain Syntel
13 Ms.  Priyanka Ahuja Sarvatra Technologies Pvt Ltd 
14 Mr. Shashank  Singh Parihar Sarvatra Technologies Pvt Ltd 
15 Ms.  Pratima Chandak S&P Capital IQ
16 Mr. P Sai Bhaskar Reddy Reliance Retail Ltd 
17 Mr. Bhanupratap Vallam Reddy Reliance Retail Ltd 
18 Mr. Gautam Kanwatia PNB Housing Finance Ltd
19 Mr. Abhishek Khare Ocwen Financial Solutions (P) Ltd 
20 Ms.  Manshi Kaur Mehta Fincon Services LTD
21 Ms.  Sindhu Rani Mahindra First Choice Services 
22 Ms.  Payal Patidar Karvy Group
23 Ms.  Sayali Gadkari Karvy Group
24 Mr. Akshay Chugh Karvy Group
25 Mr. Mohit Gupta Karvy Group
26 Ms.  Rashmi Gaur Just Dial Limited (Justdial)
27 Mr. Bhupendra Singh Khenwar Just Dial Limited (Justdial)
28 Mr. Vishwa Veer Saini Just Dial Limited (Justdial)
29 Mr. Md Israfil Ansari Janalakshmi Financial Services
30 Ms.  Anugya Nagar IIFL Premia
31 Mr. Himanshu Tulsyan IIFL Premia
32 Mr. Kuldip Arvindbhai Dholariya IIFL Premia
33 Ms.  Shubhra Mathur HDFC bank Ltd
34 Ms.  Surabhi Ghate Grama Vidiyal Microfinance Limited
35 Mr. Shiv Hari Grama Vidiyal Microfinance Limited
36 Mr. Bombay Riram GIC Housing Finance Ltd.
37 Ms.  Megha Dhandhania FIS GLOBAL (SunGard Global Technology)
38 Ms.  Snigdha Khatri Evalueserve
39 Mr. Anand Iyer Evalueserve
40 Ms.  Dilshad Kaur Evalueserve
41 Ms.  Anuradha Dilip Ladke DeloitteDeloitte (US Taxation)
42 Ms.  Pooja Ravi Bhadankar DeloitteDeloitte (US Taxation)
43 Mr. Mayank Ashok Kurani DeloitteDeloitte (US Taxation)
44 Ms.  Ruchi Chakraborty Deloitte (US Taxation)
45 Ms.  Taparia Shruti Bajaj Finserv Limited
46 Ms.  Komal Kapoor Allstate Solutions Private Limited
47 Ms.  Shreya Agrawal Allstate Solutions Private Limited
48 Mr. Kishan Vinayak Harwada Allstate Solutions Private Limited
49 Mr. Mahendra Prasad Allstate Solutions Private Limited


Sl.No. Title Name of the Student Company Where Placed
1 Mr.  Runcie Marsh Pereira HCL Technologies
2 Ms.  Rutuja Sawantdesai MSC Agency India 

International Business

Sl.No. Title Name of the Student Company Where Placed
1 Mr.  Yash Nigam Greenlam Industries Ltd 
2 Mr.  Prateek Gupta H & R Johnson 
3 Ms. Sadhvi Kewalramani IFB Industries Ltd
4 Ms. Roopali Singh Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd
5 Mr.  Pritesh Patil Expeditor 
6 Mr.  Simarjot Singh Parmar edynamics
7 Ms. Wamna Singh Expeditor 
8 Mr.  Abhinash Kumar Mother Dairy
9 Ms. Karishma Trehun Karvy Group 
10 Mr.  Akash Gupta Kuehne Nagel
11 Mr.  Jaivarth Singh ITC Ltd 
12 Mr.  Dharmin Kirtikumar Tailor TCS BPS
13 Mr.  Abhishek Chatterjee Coca Cola
14 Ms. Monika Joshi Capital First
15 Mr.  Roshan Vatsh Rockwell Industries Ltd
16 Mr.  Varun Satyan Inter Ocean Shipping India Pvt Ltd
17 Ms. Shruti Sharma Karvy Group
18 Mr.  Rahul Ray Kyocera Document Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
19 Ms. Bhawna Kumari Jha Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd
20 Mr.  Arun Kumar Mittal HDFC Life 
21 Ms. Apoorva Jain Tata Capital Financial Servies
22 Mr.  Siddhant Shekhar IndusInd Bank Ltd
23 Ms. Zinia IFB Industries Ltd
24 Mr.  Gaurav Verma Helix Tech Solutions
25 Ms. Radhika Bhatia Global Data
26 Mr.  Shirish Lodha Sonata Software Ltd.
27 Ms. Rashmi Surya Markets & Markets 
28 Ms. Shradha Grover Inter Ocean Shipping India Pvt Ltd
29 Ms. Prachee Singh ICICI Securities
30 Mr.  Naik Abhijeet Deoram British Telecom
31 Ms. Pooja Joshi POSCO 
32 Mr.  Sunil Kumar Yadav 99 Acres 
33 Mr.  Sunny Agrawal ITC Ltd 
34 Mr.  Guru Prasad Bhowmick ICICI Securities
35 Mr.  Abhash Gupta Teamglobal Logistics Pvt Ltd 
36 Mr.  Madethatt Aashish Mohan British Telecom
37 Mr.  Acharya Brijeshkumar Shashikant ICICI Bank
38 Mr.  Aashish Rao Coffee Day Beverages
39 Mr.  M. Ankit Schindler 
40 Mr.  Smriti Pandey ICICI Securities
41 Ms. Shifa Iqbal Kyocera Document Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
42 Mr.  Manan Ketanbhai Yadav Tastel Fine Food Pvt Ltd
43 Mr.  Abhijeet Kumar Shankrit EClerx Services Limited 
44 Ms. Pallavi Kumari Capital First
45 Mr.  Devender Singh Puranik Builders Pvt Ltd
46 Mr.  Shubhangani Tandon Madura F & L


Sl.No. Title Name of the Student Company Where Placed
1 Mr.  Mayank Vyas TCIL
2 Mr.  Mohammad Abdullah Khan K Raheja (Inorbit Malls)
3 Ms. Umama Nasrin Haque HDFC 
4 Mr.  Anant Singh Vishnoi Bunge India
5 Ms. Swati Kumar Coca Cola
6 Ms. Kuntal Raj 99 Acres 
7 Mr.  Amit Kumar Mandal IFB Industries Ltd
8 Mr.  Kinza Baig Marriot Hotels
9 Mr.  Pranav Kumar Mishra Govind Dairy 
10 Mr.  Jasvinder Singh Saluja HDFC 
11 Mr.  Rahul Suresh ITC Infotech 
12 Mr.  Prateek Kumar Kwarler
13 Ms. Nidhi Sharma Phillip Capital
14 Mr.  Razi Anwar Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd 
15 Mr.  Mahida Vijaysinh Jagdishsinh Karvy Group 
16 Ms. Ankita Dubey HDFC 
17 Mr.  Arvind Kumar Dhinwa Eenadu Digital
18 Mr.  V S R S Praneeth Bandi Helix Tech Solutions
19 Mr.  Akash Pal Mother Dairy
20 Mr.  Shailendra Kumar Tiwari Coffee Day Beverages
21 Mr.  Kshirsagar Pratik Anant Pyro Group
22 Mr.  Niranjan D. Neeralagi Vodafone India Pvt Ltd.
23 Mr.  Dharmani Dhiraj Sunil Vodafone India Pvt Ltd.
24 Mr.  Deepak Kumar Janalakshmi Financial Services
25 Mr.  Amitesh Ajay Satpathy Zee Entertainment
26 Mr.  Satpal Singh Edynamics
27 Ms. Anshika Gandotra IFB Industries Ltd
28 Mr.  Jenit Sitapra HDFC 
29 Mr.  Purna Choudhary ING Vyasa
30 Mr.  P Sarika Reddy  Future Group
31 Ms. Soumya Bharadwaj Coca Cola
32 Ms. Ravisha Gupta Capital First
33 Mr.  Chetan K Waghray Karvy Group 
34 Ms. Rohini Kumari Glosel 
35 Ms. Ruby Bhushan Inditex Ternt Retail India Pvt Ltd
36 Mr.  Manmohan Ganesh Rathi Flourish Pure Foods LTD.
37 Ms. Shirke Swaroopa Rajendra Kwarler
38 Mr.  Deshmukh Ajinkya Laxman Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
39 Mr.  Bhosle Rohan Rajendra Thomas Cook 
40 Ms. Rituparna Majumder Essel Propack Ltd.
41 Mr.  Yogesh Dudhane Future Group 
42 Ms. Srishti Vijay 
43 Ms. Ruchika Manwani EClerx Services Limited 
44 Mr.  Vishal Kapil Ostwal J&J consumer India
45 Mr.  Prapti Nahar Vritti
46 Mr.  Rahul Purohit Capital First
47 Ms. Nikita Tomar Landmark Group
48 Ms. Shipra Vijay IFB Industries Ltd
49 Ms. Nadkarni Damini Sanjay Decathlon 


Sl.No. Title Name of the Student Company Where Placed
1 Ms.  Pooja Rajbahadur Shukla Tata Technologies
2 Ms.  Patil Priya Mohanrao VBHC
3 Mr.  Mohan Gupta Global Data
4 Mr.  Ankur Kumar Cognizant
5 Mr.  Amit Kumar Sinha  ACC Limited
6 Ms.  Puja Kedia PNB Housing Fianace
7 Mr.  Sumedh Jain  Credence Analytics
8 Ms.  Amrita Sengupta Deloitte U.S. India Tax
9 Mr.  Gurav Sukanya Krushnaji  Cognizant
10 Mr.  Abhay Sharma Cognizant
11 Ms.  Sneha Kumari Cognizant
12 Mr.  Peeyush Prasad Yadav Deloitte 
13 Ms.  Tushi Ranjan  Markets & Markets 
14 Ms.  Shweta Amod Singh DELL 
15 Ms.  Amita Khandelwal  Tata Technologies
16 Mr.  Rakesh Kumar Janalakshmi Financial Services
17 Ms.  Lakshmi Rana  CapitalVia Global Research Ltd
18 Mr.  Deepak Lalwani CapitalVia Global Research Ltd
19 Ms.  Jaya Shekhar Markets & Markets 
20 Mr.  Abu Thomas Koshy HDFC 
21 Ms.  Shruti Garg Cognizant
22 Ms.  Ziya Javed Khan Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
23 Mr.  Prassana Sati Cognizant
24 Mr.  Rahul J. Pillai Janalakshmi Financial Services
25 Mr.  Avinash Sharma Cognizant
26 Mr.  Anshuman Saxena Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
27 Mr.  Saurabh Jaiswal TATA AIG
28 Ms.  Anuja A Pawar Capital Via
29 Mr.  Kashish Sahni Allstate Solutions Private Ltd.
30 Ms.  Pragya Maheshwari Deloitte 
31 Mr.  Sachdev Mohak Rajkumar Janalakshmi Financial Services
32 Ms.  Pranjali Pandey Cognizant
Students Name Company Name
1 Avi Patodi
2 Rohit Laxman Khenat AK Capital
3 Rashmi Pandariya All Cargo Logistics Ltd.
4 Anshul Khirwadkar Axis Bank
5 Ruckmani Meena Axis Bank
6 Vikash Kumar Axis Bank
7 Ankit Kumar Jain Axis Bank
8 Amrita Vyas Axis Bank
9 Deepika Pirthani Axis Bank
10 Gyan Ranjan Mehta Berger Paints Ltd.
11 Pawan Kumar Sharma Berger Paints Ltd.
12 Yashika Jain Bharti AXA GIC
13 Kshitiz Raiwani Bharti AXA GIC
14 Haizal Trivedi Bharti AXA GIC
15 Prakash Pandey Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd
16 Akash Garg Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd
17 Stuti Shah Cognizant Technologies
18 Deepshikha Cognizant Technologies
19 Subhajyoti Parida Contakt Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
20 Kanhaiya Vijay Somani Credit India Loan Solution
21 Neha Anand Crisil
22 Prashant Pant Daikin Air-conditioning India P Ltd
23 Vikas Kumar Daikin Air-conditioning India P Ltd
24 Madhudas Namdev Samtani Decathlon Sports
25 Pratik Mitra Decathlon Sports
26 Rahul Vyas Deloitte Consulting India Ltd
27 Sudan Thapa Deloitte Consulting India Ltd
28 Aabhas Patni Deloitte Consulting India Ltd
29 Tushar Mandwe Deloitte Consulting India Ltd
30 Kumar Avinash Deloitte Consulting India Ltd
31 Ritika Srivastava Deloitte Consulting India Ltd
32 Kapil Lakhlan Dishtv India Ltd
33 Sushant Selokar DSV Air and Sea Pvt Ltd
34 Shikhar Bagla E Clerx Services India Ltd
35 Piyush Shrivastava Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd.
36 Vikram Singh GlaxoSmitKline Pharma Ltd
37 Nikhil Multani GlobeOp Financial Services (I) Pvt Ltd
38 Harsh Bhambhwani GlobeOp Financial Services (I) Pvt Ltd
39 Anasuya Sarma Good Through Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
40 Abhishek Singh Good Through Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
41 B Sameeksha Greenply Industries Ltd
42 Vineet Pandey HCL Technologies Ltd
43 Ketan Gupta Hindustan Cargo Ltd.
44 Puneet Sukhani Homeward Resedential corporation India Pvt. Ltd.
45 Prashant Ajey Homeward Resedential corporation India Pvt. Ltd.
46 Kavita Pandey ICICI Bank Ltd
47 Anshuman Sharma Indusind Bank Ltd
48 Ankita Manaktala Indusind Bank Ltd
49 Rakhi Mishra Indusind Bank Ltd
50 Yogesh Kumar R. Indusind Bank Ltd
51 Manjeet Kumar Indusind Bank Ltd
52 Prakash Hinger Intec Capital
53 Sumit Kumar Intec Capital
54 Chirag Kamdar Intec Capital
55 Sreekonda Sashank Subrahmanyam Intec Capital
56 Harleen Anand Intec Capital
57 Prashant Prabhakar Jubilant Life Sciences
58 Rahul Suresh Gurav Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
59 Gaurav Shashank Kuenhe+Nagel
60 Kunal Jain L & T Finance Ltd
61 Ayan Gupta L & T Technologies Ltd
62 Indu Suresh LearnBiz Simulations
63 Honey Gupta LearnBiz Simulations
64 Silky Trigunait Lexi Pens Ltd
65 Pakhi Sajwan Lifestyle International (P). Ltd
66 Anusha Sharma Lifestyle International (P). Ltd
67 Jayant Singh Sisodia Marathon Realty Pvt Ltd.
68 Avinash Mukundan Markets & Markets Ltd
69 Gaurav Bansal MindCraft Software Pvt. Ltd.
70 Swati Prasad Nestle Ltd.
71 Anurag Ganguly Nestle Ltd.
72 Gautam Anand Netcore Solutions Ltd.
73 Nihal Shetty NowFloats
74 Anurag Rathi Pantaloons Retail India Pvt. Ltd.
75 Bhaskarwar Sanket Ashok Philip Capital Ltd
76 Vivekkumar Indra Singh Reliance Communications Ltd
77 Rashi Bhambhwani Sahara Hospitality Ltd.
78 Mrinal Sengar Shinning Consulting
79 Manali Sanjay Kithani SunGard Technologies Ltd
90 Abhinav Shubham Dubey Tech Mahindra
91 Gaurav Shrivastava The Paper Products Ltd.
92 Ankit Sony Transport Corporation Co. Ltd
93 Aaditya Umarao Tufropes Pvt. Ltd.
94 Varun Pokale Videocon Industries Ltd
95 Ankit Dubey Vodafone India Pvt. Ltd.
96 Prakash Goswami Vodafone India Pvt. Ltd.
97 Parth Vasantbhai Mamtora XL Dynamics India P Ltd
98 Apurv Singh XL Dynamics India P Ltd